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Peek into Profit Share Masterminds

Pre-Mega Camp activities kicked off today in Austin, Texas with small profit share Masterminds led by the KWRI Executive team. The following are quotes heard at sessions led by Mo Anderson, vice chairman, Mark Willis, CEO and Mary Tennant, president and COO:

“If you wanted to start a business tomorrow morning with no capital and no risk involved, how many options would you have? Profit share is that business.” –Mo Anderson

“Leverage, which means succeeding through others, is the magic potion in the Keller Williams model. Without it, we are not really Keller Williams. Culture is primarily a matter of how we need to treat people if we are going to succeed through them. Education is critical, because we’re not going to succeed through people who aren’t growing. But if we put the majority of our thought into the question of, ‘How do make sure that the people in my inner circle succeed today?’ They will take us to levels we never thought possible. It’s why Keller Williams Realty has grown this year when the the industry has gone backwards by 10 percent.” -Mark Willis

“We’ve given $237 million back to our people in profit share since 1997.” –Mary Tennant.

“We have to help everybody to think enough of themselves to know that they are worth it, they deserve it, and it’s theirs for the taking.” –Shaun Rawls.

“Profit share is the most highly leveraged activity I know – and it pays really well.” –Gary Gentry

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  • Robin O’Hara

    I am on a Grow Your Profit Share Tree-profit share committee since June of this year-I thought the grow your tree campaign was great-to keep the excitment going and the turn out to our meetings has been a challenge-we are still using the power point and teacher’s manual from June-is there any different material to shake up our agents to come to these meetings? Our office has 116 agents but had lee than 1% come to our sessions-mostly the new agents who wanted to learn about PS. We had food and prizes and it was fun but it was 4-5pm in afternoon every Wednesday. We would appreciate some help in attracting more agents and we decided to make it only once a month.Look forward to hearing from you.

  • Stacia Thompson

    Greetings Robin,
    Great question! We have just added a new Profit Share learning opportunity! We’re thinking of it as a complement to the Grow Your Profit Share Tree course. You can think of the Grow Your Profit Share Tree course as a learning “event.” It covers all of the fundamentals of Profit Share and is a great starting point.

    To this learning “event,” we’ve added the Wealth-Building Workshop: Profit Share. We think of the workshop as an “achievement journey.” It will help associates stay plugged into the activities that yield results. It’s set up a little differently from some of our other courses, so that it can stay dynamic and fresh with each visit. It includes short content chunks and exercises, and good amount of group strategizing and accountability.

    You’ll be able to download it from the website on Wednesday, Sept. 2. If you have any questions or comments about it, please let me know! I’d be more than happy to help in any way I can!

    Have a wonderful day and thank you for your question!!

    Sounds like you guys

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