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Juliette Powell: How many people are in your room?

Check out Mega Tech Keynote Speaker Juliette Powell, author of 33 Million People in the Room – we had a chance to interview her right before she went on stage.

Here are some additional social media notes from Juliette on how to get into the conversation:

  • The key to building your social capital is to add value to your community. The more value you add, the more they start talking about you.
  • Where do you begin? With the people around you. They have a huge influence on how you see yourself and what you are capable of.
  • I want to hear from someone who’s on the inside; someone who gets it.
  • Position yourself to become the ‘it’ person. Social media has a low barrier to entry, and gives you the potential to become a ‘microcelebrity’ – a person of influence and expertise within a particular community.
  • When the market goes down, the value of relationships goes up. The more relationships you’re involved in the better positioned you are.
  • Studies show that engagement correlates to financial performance.
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2 comments on “Juliette Powell: How many people are in your room?
  1. Juliette gave a great account of different approaches to build relationships online. Thanks for getting such a great speaker at Mega Camp!

  2. Diana Welch says:

    Joining the social networking arena can be daunting, but it is the present and the future of our businesses/careers and vitally essential for us to launch NOW. Deciding on the time and effort you intend to put into it, is the first step… or leap. It’s your choice.

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