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Rhett and Billy give back!

Mega Camp guest guitarists, Billy McLaughlin and Rhett Butler, made an exciting announcement to Mega Leadership attendees.  Starting  in September, they will be taking orders for their brand-new Holiday Open House CD, created exclusively for Keller Williams associates.  CDs will sell for only $4.99 each and $2.00 from each sale will be donated to KW Cares!

Sample CDs and order forms will be sent to all market centers this month!  Be on the look out!


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  • Darlene Smith, MCAngel

    That is incredible! I was so bummed that I didn’t see them so this will definitely make up for that! Thanks Billy and Rhett!

  • Kathleen Lordbock

    I am totally in for this – Christmas presents for my clients – yeh!!!

  • Randy Morrow

    Billy is an inspiring person. I’ve no doubt his new CD will be just as inspiring.

  • brian hill

    I was there. The energy was great. I gave their cds to my 8 year old who plays and he insisted on going to sleep with the music. Thanks for the music guys. ” best thing I ever brought him back from a trip”. Thank u Gary K. Making this happen has your. Fingerprints all over it.

  • Kathy Stange

    Wow, how exciting…great music and great fun…your committment, and focus has inspired me to keep after it each and every day…Your passion shows in each and every note you play…thank you..

  • Nan Cie Hamilton

    Musicians will always find a way to give their gifts to those who will listen.
    ROCK ON!

  • Lori Mode

    Billy & Rhett were both incredible and together they are unbelievable….can’t wait to hear the CD! Thank you to Gary Keller for bringing them into our lives at Mega Camp.

  • Sherri Williams

    Much thanks to Gary Keller for the wonderful musical gift to all of the agents who attended Mega Camp.

  • Maureen Ingelsby

    This was my first Mega Camp, after joing KW last month, after 17 years with another company. I was blown away by the whole thing! Billy and Rhett contributed to the intense emotional experience I had. Their talent is truly amazing, and I told that to Billy when I chatted with him at the airport book store as we were both waiting to catch our planes. He had just come from making the big announcement and was tremendously excited about the whole KW cares — so down to earth and genuine. I look forward to the CD and even more so to a lasting relationship with Keller Williams.

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