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A morning of motivation and inspiration

Mega Agent Camp finished strong this morning with Gary Keller, Liz Murray and Nick Vujicic, all taking the stage with messages of empowerment. Here are a few takeaway quotes:

Nick Vujicic

  • Gary Keller: You didn’t come to Mega Camp to stay where you are, you came to learn and grow. I commend you for that.
  • Liz Murray: What’s the difference between you and those who are having success? They’ve looked to see what’s possible and they’re reaching for it.
  • Gary Keller: How does your life get to a place of bigness? Stay focused, keep your steps small and do what matters to reach your goals.
  • Nick Vujicic: Ladies and gentleman, when the world says you’re not good enough … get a second opinion.
  • Gary Keller: This isn’t “Mini” Camp its MEGA Camp. Its time to figure out what you’re aiming toward and create your own mega career!
  • Liz Murray: How do you transform your life – you take one step at a time and then capitalize on your momentum.
  • Nick Vujicic: You don’t know what you are capable of achieving until you try!
  • Gary Keller: It never takes more than 5 relationships to allow you to reach your largest goals. Be sure you get into business with the right 5 people, and the possibilities are endless.
  • Nick Vujicic: Every failure is a step closer to success!
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11 comments on “A morning of motivation and inspiration
  1. Nick was P H E N O M E N A L. I am inspired and motivated. Nick, I know my potential, my identity, my destiny and my legacy.
    My favorite quote: “We do not know which day has no tomorrow – decide today what you want”

    Thank you KWRI!!!!!

  2. Nick has been an inspiration to myself and others for many years. The teen group that I help with has seen his video and talked about Nick’s life and aside from the obvious physical differences “what makes Nick different?”.

  3. Amani Wang says:

    I have been telling everyone about Nick!! What Nick teaches us is that the sky is the limit, when you trust in yourself AND Jesus!

  4. Jenn Doak says:

    Words can not describe Nick. So full of life and humor! It was MY PLEASURE to have him enrich my life! He is incredible!
    I am going to get his DVD and share it with my family and my team!

  5. Sam Powell says:

    It’s young men like Nick who give you your own life back to mold into whatever shape you want it to take! What an awesome guy, and the power and passion that he brings to the children of our lives and our future is key! We need more passion like his to impact the lives of others.

    Thanks for allowing us the opportunity to have those few minutes with him. Very powerful messages delivered throughout the Mega Agent Camp and one of the best elements that I look forward to, and encourage our recruits to come and attend for the many layers that are in play to deliver the same messages threaded through the presentations.

    Thanks for putting us first KW, and empowering us and our lives through the stories of others… I say this all the time “we all have a story” and it’s all about sharing them with one another and “life long learning” on all levels of ourselves.

  6. Nan Cie Hamilton says:

    Once again,…Mega Agent Camp has served to be inspirational, motivational always based on sound business, spiritual, emotional and physical principals.
    Nick’s bigger than life’s presence has served to effect many in very positive ways.
    Suit up, show up and NEVER, ever give up!
    Thanks for the joyful tears.

  7. ShawnMon says:

    Nick Vujicic, what a character! Hilarious and a great public speaker and motivator. His presentation was strong and will throw anyone’s excuses right out the window!

    If you missed it, I recommend finding it online, especially if you need to come to terms with “what’s really holding you back out there”.

  8. Nick is my new hero! What an amazing young man with an attitude that will take him where ever he wants to go. I showed a small segment of his dvd to my Sunday School clas this morning as we discussed Joshua and his courage as he lead the Israelites into the Promised land. Talk about a man of courage…as I showed Nick the room was so mesmorized that you could hear a pin drop. I am sharing the dvd with a teacher who has some troubled kids. What a ministy Nick is spreading. KW thank you for providing us with such inspiration.

  9. Indeed, our Altitude depends upon our Attitude!
    Thank you Nick for not giving up!
    You are awesome!

  10. Nick is the guy most of us want to be! He has the attitude the drive and the thirst for life that makes us all realize that we all have something more we can do. For me, Nich illustrated that anyone can overcome challenges and have whatever life they desire. It is a choice.

    Thanks again for allowing us to listen to someone who inspires us and makes us realize that there is plenty of opportunity in this world.

  11. Debbie Tufts says:

    What a great blessing to share the time togeter we were able to spend with Nick at Mega Agent. He is truly an inspiration and it was very humbling to hear his joy, passion and enthusiasm for life and attitude of gratefulness! He beautifully reminded us of the opportunity that is all around us. We just need to reach for it!

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