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Susan Scott Wraps Up Mega Leadership

Susan Scott, author of national best-selling book Fierce Conversations and upcoming book Fierce Leadership, wrapped up Mega Leadership Camp today by debunking some of the business worlds worst “best practices.” Two making her best “worst list” were:

  • Anonymous 360-degree feedback – Scott holds that trust requires persistent identity and that conversations ARE our relationships.
  • Holding people accountable – Scott asserts that accountability is only a personal choice and leaders cannot hold people accountable, but rather only hold them able.

Scott, a speaker at a previous Family Reunion, was welcomed to the stage by her personal friend Keller Williams CEO Mark Willis.

For information on Scott’s book, Fierce Leadership, which will be out on September 15, visit

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  • Melanie

    I was really disappointed by Susan Scott’s keynote today. I was really excited and anticipating a great presentation to end the conference. This presentation was dry and boring. I hope that KW brings a better caliber to future events.

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  • Robert

    Very disappointing. The fact she decides to make a political statement wihtin her speach is outragious. Until that point of the speach I thought it was dry and boring and hard to follow. Ms. Scott has lot to learn form KW on leadership and should heave qualified her audience ahead of time. I would suggest she learn what true servant leadership is.

  • Bill Park

    I was not able to attend Mega Camp this year. Susan Scott’s book has been a great asset to those fierce conversations I have had to have. In one instance I had a contractor confrontation and using the 7 steps to a fierce conversation in letter form, I was able to make the point and collect $5000.00 in a settlement that to that point had been ignored. In another instance an investor who was not holding up their end and needed to let go got the 7 point treatment in our emails back and forth and the investor conceded and left the deal so that we could move on. And, like all of us, sometimes we have an off day and maybe the talk did not “hit you” so my advice is to read the book, “Fierce Conversations” it has some very important infomrmation for people in the “people business.”

  • kwtoolbar

    I LOVE this book. I have it on CD and listen to it often.
    Anyone that hasn’t read it, I highly recommend it!
    Michelle Shelton
    Creator of the toolbar for your computer

  • Michelle Shelton

    I was not able to attend this year and I heard a lot of people were disappointed with Susan Scott. I would say, don’t throw the baby out with the bath water as she has a lot of valuable information. It is sort of like eating a steak dinner….push the bone out of the way and take the good stuff that is there. No one is perfect and we can all learn from what doesn’t work….keep moving!
    Michelle Shelton
    Creator of the toolbar for your computer

  • mjacobs5

    Great Post, loved the book.

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