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Big Rocks – Do Less and Succeed More

Most goals worth having don’t sit right around the corner. Really Big Goals require focused effort over weeks, months, and sometimes years. I’m always asking myself the focusing question: “What is the one thing I should be doing such that everything else would be easier or even unnecessary?” It’s about always identifying my top priority because when you really identify your #1, everything else becomes a distraction. Finding that resolve is one thing; keeping it is challenge. Life happens. It happens every day. Hopefully, this video, Big Rocks, will serve as fun reminder to stay focused on what matters.

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4 comments on “Big Rocks – Do Less and Succeed More
  1. Gary – that ROCKED! My Dad taught me to FOCUS: Follow One Course Until Successful. Great minds think alike!

  2. Thanks Gary. That was a great video on the importance of staying focused on the goal at hand. You tell yourself that the other things are helping you get to your goal, but in reality they are just weighing you down.

  3. I really enjoyed this blog. Sometimes we can pick up the extra rocks and still think that we are focusing on the goal. But like you said, we are actually slowing ourselves down from attaining the one goal we started out trying to accomplish. thanks…

  4. I’m new to the company and I am joining my wife to form a team. There are so many things pulling at me as a newbie. Somehow I have found myself dragging that same bag o’ rocks.
    My delema is that even though my first priority this year was just to set up our business, I have been getting involved in everything else and have not executed my plan. We are half-way through the first quarter of the year, I will focus on my rock and drop the bag. Thanks.

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