Family Reunion Attendees Go Green

Feb 20, 2010 7:28:09 PM

Today’s full slate of Saturday sessions kicked off Family Reunion with a bang. And none was greener than the second annual free EcoBroker Energy Advantage™ course. Attendees enjoyed an informative and business-enriching free 6-Hour MCE credit session (continuing education) presented by EcoBroker® International certified trainers.

And in the tradition of leading by example, the instructors comprised a team of KW associates: Stu Galvis of Boulder, CO, Cheryl King of Tempe, AZ, Colleen McLean of Marina del Rey, CA, and Jennifer Spivey of Atlanta, GA.

Each of these green experts focused on a different section of the Energy Advantage curriculum, which represents one-third of the overall EcoBroker designation. Topics taught included green financing options for new homes and existing home remodels, energy efficiency options, green building, and practical nuggets such as how to help buyers understand cost and energy-saving choices for their homes, and sellers recognize how to better position their homes’ green features—and firm up their list price—in a competitive housing market.

In addition to its educational and inspirational impact, the EcoBroker training event also served as a launch pad to an ambitious green agenda of Family Reunion break out sessions. The beefed up green lineup in 2010 includes agent educational and strategic business sessions, along with focus groups and green networking events. So KW associates and leadership are sure to get full a taste of the tremendous green opportunities in 2010 and beyond. KW Front Range Properties’ Associate Stu Galvis shared his thoughts, “Along with my fellow KW associates, today I’m excited to share the message of green, not just about doing the right thing for the planet, that’s obvious, but also in doing the right thing for your business and your wallet—the other great green.”

If the attendee enthusiasm was any indication, it’s clear to see the green movement is not just a fad. It’s here to stay and full of promise. EcoBroker is on site throughout the convention in Vendor Booth 152.