Vision Speech 2010 - Enough Transactions to Make 2010 the BEST Year Ever!

Feb 21, 2010 9:08:17 AM











Gary Keller just wrapped up his 2010 Vision Speech, which most simply put, was an incredible reminder that NO MATTER the market, your success is defined by your actions. As Gary put it, if only 200 transactions closed in your area last year, and all 200 of them were yours...would the state of the market bother you?

Here are a few of our big takeaways about why now is a great time to be in real estate for agents who are committed to making the most of the opportunity:

  • US Mortgage rates averaged 5.04% in 2009, an all-time low since Freddie Mac started tracking in 1971.
  • 2009 affodability = most favorable in US on record
  • Sales activity level in 2009 was 4th highest in US on record.
  • In Canada, available sides per agent increased to 9.5 transactions.
  • In Canada, home sales increased by 7.7%
  • 69% of first-time homebuyers cited "Desire to own a home" as the primary reason for purchasing in 2009. Only 6% cited the first-time home buyer tax credit.
  • 90% of buyers used the Internet as information source during home search process (As Gary put it - "There are no longer Internet buyers. ALL buyers are Internet buyers.")
  • 66% of home buyers interviewed only ONE agent.
  • 66% of buyers would use their agent again.