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Vision Speech 2010 – Enough Transactions to Make 2010 the BEST Year Ever!

VisionSpeechGary Keller just wrapped up his 2010 Vision Speech, which most simply put, was an incredible reminder that NO MATTER the market, your success is defined by your actions. As Gary put it, if only 200 transactions closed in your area last year, and all 200 of them were yours…would the state of the market bother you?

Here are a few of our big takeaways about why now is a great time to be in real estate for agents who are committed to making the most of the opportunity:

  • US Mortgage rates averaged 5.04% in 2009, an all-time low since Freddie Mac started tracking in 1971.
  • 2009 affodability = most favorable in US on record
  • Sales activity level in 2009 was 4th highest in US on record.
  • In Canada, available sides per agent increased to 9.5 transactions.
  • In Canada, home sales increased by 7.7%
  • 69% of first-time homebuyers cited “Desire to own a home” as the primary reason for purchasing in 2009.  Only 6% cited the first-time home buyer tax credit.
  • 90% of buyers used the Internet as information source during home search process (As Gary put  it – “There are no longer Internet buyers.  ALL buyers are Internet buyers.”)
  • 66% of home buyers interviewed only ONE agent.
  • 66% of buyers would use their agent again.

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16 comments on “Vision Speech 2010 – Enough Transactions to Make 2010 the BEST Year Ever!
  1. Bo Kociuba says:

    Absolutely brilliant words of Gary’s: NO MATTER the market, your success is defined by your actions…so easy to do but also so easy not to…
    With smiles,
    Bo in Yukon

  2. Tony Greer says:

    The best vision speech ever. Brought a tear to my eye. Way to go Team Keller!

  3. Dina Scheifl says:

    My 12th reunion and Gary’s vision speech is phenomenal and gets right to the point – success is defined by our actions not by the market.

  4. great job Gary! LOVED it!

  5. It is the positive mindset and the ‘belief’ in yourself and what you do that makes the difference. The support and training is here at KW and known ny the competition…Wish I was able to attend this year…

  6. Lisa Lambert says:

    This was my First Kw Event and it was wonderful.

  7. Steve Shaw says:

    Great presentation. Lots of nuggets to use in my business. My take away was that customers want websites basically to look for homes. Give them that ability, make sure you have all homes for sale available, and give some neighborhood information and you are ahead in the game.

  8. steve myers says:

    Perhaps the best words of encouragement that I’ve heard in the past 2 years – no hype but just the facts and stats that speak for themselves. Our clients really do need to hear this message of encouragement. As agents, it’s our job to help eliminate fear and provide perspective. Thank you Keller Williams, for re-framing this market and providing perspective.

  9. It was my 1st Family Reunion and I have never been happier to belong to the Keller Williams family. AWESOME all the way!

  10. My 5th Year!!! How can every year better and better!!! You totally Rock Gary!!

  11. So great to be with such a fabulous group of people and business partners.
    Thank you every day for being there when I was ready. Great, great, great.

  12. Carlos R. Flores says:

    My 1st year and it OPENED my eyes to this incredible company. GARY FOR PRESIDENT 2012!!!! Can you imagine GARY ,MO, MARK AND MARY in the White House. I’m sorry the RED HOUSE. If this fantastic four can change the lives of over 77 thousand people (agents) what do you think they can do for this country. Love you guys.

  13. Love Carlos’ post and have to second that motion! WOW… is all I can say about Family Reunion 2010! I am fairly new with the company and went to MegaCamp in August and was not sure anything could beat it, but I was wrong. Feel blessed beyond belief to be a part of such a wonderful company. Thanks for the dedication and inspiration and for turning the real estate world upside down! You guys ROCK! See you in Austin this September.

    Robyn Scharlach
    Lake Conroe, Montgomery, The Woodlands

  14. Beth Wardlaw says:

    I have been in real estate for 19 years, but the best has been the last 7 months with KW. Family Reunion just reinforced for me what a wonderful company I am affiliated with and what wonderful leadership we have. With KW, I have a vision and I so proud to be a part of the KW Family!

  15. This was my first year at Family Reunion. I am so proud to be with the Keller Williams family! This company is just awesome! It is unbeatable in customer service and agent service. I am so fortunate to have found this company early in my real estate career!

  16. Nil Varinca says:

    Very Proud to be a Part of this Wonderful Family!

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