Healthy Body, Healthy Business

Feb 22, 2010 10:27:54 AM

ninaBy Guest Contributor Nina Rowan, CSCS, Wellness Coach and owner of Rowan Health Concepts

Today I spoke at Family Reunion about how having a healthy body and a healthy business goes hand in hand. One question I ask people is, if you have a health crisis, what will happen to your business, who will take care of your obligations, your clients and your income?

This week you will learn so much at Family Reunion and it is my goal to make sure you stay healthy so you can put this great information to practice. And, your first step to a healthy life and business is by reducing your stress.

Stress causes heart disease, high blood pressure, damage to your immune system with colds, headaches and even has links to cancer, as well as mental health problems like anxiety and depression.

Here are some quick tips to manage your stress:

  • Create the habit of regular exercise-this is your best tool to combat stress! Even a walk around the block, or around your hotel floor at Family Reunion can help to distress you!
  • Take care of your most valuable asset, you. Make choices that support your health and reduce stress. Enjoy the wonderful food of New Orleans, just watch your portions. Focus on “dos” rather than the “don’ts”. Look for vegetables and lean proteins in your choices. There will be other foods that aren’t your optimal, but if you make sure and get what you need, you aren’t as likely to overdo with the less optimal foods. Great food is great fuel and will help your body.
  • Use this week to rediscover your priorities that will make you successful. This is your clean slate! Once you leave New Orleans, go home making the commitment not to waste time on things that don’t matter to you or your business.

Addressing your stress today will help you maintain your health and fulfill your potential!

Nina Rowan, CSCS, owner of Rowan Health Concepts, has worked with clients all over the United States as a wellness specialist, helping clients and businesses through fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle management to reach their health goals. Through training and speaking events, she has worked with Keller Williams executives and agents for over 10 years, specifically Gary, Mo, Dianna, and Tony.