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Mo Anderson – Behind the Scenes

We snuck into the Inspirational Brunch before it kicked off and found Mo extending her appreciation to the wait staff that would soon serve 8000+ attendees. Even when nobody is watching, Mo is an incredible model that we’re all proud to follow!

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37 comments on “Mo Anderson – Behind the Scenes
  1. This is great!! The thing that’s so great about Mo is how GENUINE she is every time she talks. What an incredible woman!

  2. All these folks work very hard to be of service to the attendees and it is very much appreciated. Including all those who keep the restrooms stocked and clean … I was impressed with each of them …… Thank you Mo for extending that special spark of gratitude for a job well done.

  3. I was amazed with all events, specially regards KW Cares and our Culture. I’m proud to be part of this company and from now on I will do my best to promote our culture and share with everybody I know. Is beautiful to see that we can be profitable without forget our human nature and the necessity to care about the people around us or everywhere. If the world could absorb this concept I’m sure that we could have peace, progress and solutions for all problems.My first Family Reunion and certainly not the last, I will be back.

  4. Erica Hill says:

    WOW! What a role model, and what BIG shoes for us all to fill!!! Amazing…

  5. Cesar Garcia says:

    THis is an eye opener. I come to realize how my office has to improve when it comes to the model. We are far behind from where it should be!!!! Its a great company with out a doubt!!

  6. I did not think my first Family Reunion in 2009 could be topped…but 2010 was even better…! Mo’s brunch was the best of all, with Kelly’s able back up, and the three “inspirations” that Mo shared with us, and the folks who are living those stories, were totally heartwarming. Thanks everyone. See you in Anaheim! Gail Belt

  7. Joyce Brown says:

    I want to be just like Mo when I grow up!

  8. Heidi Lachel says:


    I am so thrilled to be a newbie to KW and to be a part of all you bring to Keller Williams. You were very much a blessing and an inspiration to me. Thank you Thank You!

  9. This was my first Family Reunion and I enjoyed it very much–lot’s of ah ha’s. I thought I was cried out after Mega Camp last August. Then this!! What REALLY made me break, though, was the line up of the waitstaff in the corridor as we left the Inspirational Brunch. There they were, clapping for us as 8000 of us exited, and we for them in thanks for how professional they were. It was so uplifting. I have been to countless national conventions in my 18 years in Real Estate with another company, but I have NEVER come away from a venue so full of excitement and with such big tears in my eyes as I had after this ovation. I don’t know if this was Mo’s idea or something that is done for all visiting conventioneers, but I like to think it was just for us. I was truly moved. Thanks, Mo and her staff and thanks to the fabulously spirited convention staff! You’re great!!!The whole thing was truly inspiring.

    • Hi there!! Yes, this is Mo’s idea! I went to her Breakout session – 7 Pillar’s of a Joy Filled Life, and she told us how she “fills the waitstaff’s cup” before the Brunch! That is why they are all so wonderful during and after the Brunch. They were the whole time- but she really touches their hearts and even prays with them. What a GREAT person she is!!

  10. Maureen Hughes says:

    This is so typical of MO. She reaches out to everyone and makes sure that they all feel loved, appreciated and included. She is my Inspiration.

  11. Carmelo Gines says:

    This is a woman that has not just CULTURE but CLASS, and I agree with Erica Hill WHAT BIG SHOES FOR US TO FILL!!! I will like Mo to know that went I joined KW last year in January right after that there was Family Reunion and I went for the first time (last year) and went I heard Mo I totally felt in love with KW. This is my second FR and loved it like my first, Mo you are an inspiration to a lot of us. Thank you for just been Mo… See you next year… :)

  12. I think that was great that Mo met with the staff of the convention center before we all got there. I think that the pinnicle point to the end of a very long week was walking out of the Auditorium and seeing the staff lined up along the hallways greeting us and shaking our hands. That was truley a class of service we should all strive for.

  13. Usha Patel says:

    Mo Anderson is an amazing Role Model for me and I hope everyone does so too. We can all learn so much from following her and how she leads all of us to become better versions of ourselves. Whenever I need inspiration, I remind myself of Mo and ask myself, “what would Mo do” and I keep going to doing all I can to help as many agents and people in our community as possible. Looking forward to seeing Mo again.

  14. Fran Johnson says:

    I am so proud that our 2nd in command of our company takes the time to say Thank You to those who serve us so well at Family Reunion and lets them know how much we appreciate what they do for us. This reaffirms I am in business with the right people and re-ignites my passion for Keller Williams. Thanks, Mo, for saying Thank You!

  15. Chris Newell says:

    Just like it was in Orlando, when we walked out of the Brunch and all the staff were there, lining the hallway and applauding us, thanking us for being there, my heart was in my throat, and my eyes all welled up. Thank you, Mo, for letting the staff there know how important they are to making sure our amazing event was a success.

  16. I always cry at the Inspirational Breakfast so this year I left the mascara off. The music is so beautiful, the stories amazing, (WOW – Nancy Lopez!), and the wait staff lining the halls afterwards all left me teary-eyed once again. Thank you Mo for being a master at inspiration!!

  17. Rhonda Forbes says:

    I have been to several Family Reunions, Mega Camp, FSO, Train the Trainer, Team Leader boot camp and so many other training events. This one by far topped them all. I will have to agree with these other posts- the most surprised and touched was when I came out of the brunch and saw all those convention staff workers lined up with smiles and clapping for us. It was just a shock. What a feeling. I couldn’t stop the tears. I love those people! Everywhere I went they were there to help.

  18. Gail Belt says:

    PS! I already commented on Mo’s wonderful “inspirational” brunch. But in scrolling through these messages I wanted to add a PS. Our great Canada OP & Team Leader inspired all of us with their response & come back to having the rug pulled out, and young “Adam” will be in my heart forever. My son and partner, Terry Belt, had to change his flight at the last minute & fly out Tuesday night, but I will see to it that he sees the video of Adam kicking that soccer ball and batting and running to first base. Terry coaches his two sons, my grandsons, and they will all be inspired by Adam. The ultimate moment was when Mo brougt Nancy Lopez on stage to meet the wonderful woman whose life was tranformed by Nancy’s inspiration. Watching the absolute shock on her face, followed by the tears, was as “inspirational” as it gets. Mo, thank you again, so much.
    Gail Belt, KW Mclean,Virginia,

  19. Maryann Maki says:

    Meeting Mo was the highlight of, this, my first Family Reunion. When I told her who I was, and that we were the same age, she hugged me and we had our photo taken together. To see her thanking the wait staff, who were awesome, is an inspiration to all of us. Thank you Mo, and all for one of the most awesome experiences of my career.

  20. Linda Sloss says:

    Mo, I am so blessed to be part of an organization that actually prays openly. Thank you. An added point: as we walked out of the brunch, the attendees were applauding the wait staff, who were standing as a group in the entrance and applauding us. What a joy to know we and they respected each other. You and your staff make us all proud to be KWers.

  21. Judy Copple says:

    I noticed the wonderful attitude of the wait people this year and now I know why. God blessed our Inspirational Breakfast because Mo prayed with the wait staff before it all started. What a wonderful thing to do, Mo. God honors the prayers of His people. Thank you Mo!

  22. …Cannot begin to express how impressed I continue to be with our international/corporate leadership. Mo continues to epitomize servant leadership in everything she does. Wow! What an inspiration…thanks Mo for being such a wonderful role model for those of us who are striving to follow in your shoes.

  23. Gayle Fleming says:

    Mo Anderson inspires kindness, compassion, graciousness and civility. And while knowing one more extraordinary thing that she has done doesn’t surprise me, I was moved to tears–AGAIN–by this random act of kindness. I will bet money that no other company executive has ever done anything like this. If someone were to ask me what living people I admire most in the world, she is #2–right behind the president of the United States. In fact, she is probably the one person in the world who could get Congress to behave, be civil and get something done. Hmmm……I kind of like that idea.

  24. I guess we should have known it. Of course, Mo would make sure that everybody (including the wait staff) was inspired, included and cared for!
    Thank you, Mo for leading us by example. I agree, Gayle. We should send Mo to Congress. I have no doubt that she could whip them into shape in no time!

  25. Robert Henry says:

    What a great city! The staff at the convention center really did a stellar job of welcoming us to New Orleans. Thank you for the hospitality you demonstrated.

  26. What an awesome inspirational breakfast! Thank you Mo for inspiring even the staff to look after all of us. We love you.

  27. Thank you Mo for taking the time to speak to people who sometimes are forgotten during events ! No wonder they were positively beaming !!

  28. Mike Mendoza says:

    Mo you never stop amazing me! Thanks for everything you do…You touch so many people in so many ways! Thanks for another Awesome Inspirational Brunch:)

  29. W Darrow Fiedler says:

    Mo, You are continuously raising the bar and challenging us to follow. What an opportunity and thank you for being such a great mentor!

  30. AMAZING!! do the right thing even when nobody is watching, I know Mo was not aware of the recording, i am deeply moved by this display of TRUE Leadership.

  31. Janeil Dropik says:

    Mo you are truly an inspiration, you walk the talk and are a gift to anyone who knows you. God Bless You!

  32. Ginny Britt says:

    I was so honored to be asked to be the Team Leader for our new company two months ago. After much prayer, there was no question that the Lord wanted me to accept this position. Now I know why!! This company lives their values and are unashamed to proclaim their faith in Christ. I was very touched by all aspects of the Inspirational Lunch but truly blessed to see Mo praying for the people who graciously served us. No wonder this company is and will continue to be blessed. Thank you Keller Williams

  33. Deb Hemmann says:

    My first reunion and how totally uplifting. I am so proud to be a part of this company. The whole event inspired me. I was the lady going around bald. I am beating ovarian cancer for the second time. True to our culture, many people came up to me to share their stories. I was so inspired. I was asked to speak to family members who are also fighting cancer. All the wonderful speakers truely moved me. When Gary said we can turn things into opportunities…This was my opportunity to be inspired. Thank you Mo and all the reunion crew for a wonderful experience. God has blessed us with you, Mo.

  34. Jan Schwartz says:

    Leadership at its best! Mo always inspires those around her – thank you

  35. Mo Anderson, Vice Chairman says:

    Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. The video should have shown some of the random acts of kindness that you all do. I am so proud of you – proud of your caring spirit and proud of your sharing and giving. We are so blessed to be in business with you!

    Love to you all,

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