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Special Session Highlight: Quantum Leap

Years ago and based on his personal life journey, Gary Keller developed Quantum Leap, a program that digs into the personal power principles that can help everyone achieve a more abundant life. Attendees that joined Gary for his special session on Wednesday morning were treated to a portion of this life-changing material.

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11 comments on “Special Session Highlight: Quantum Leap
  1. Joe Green says:

    I really enjoyed the Quantum Leap Session. I’m looking forward to the two day session. It resonated with me the importance of having balance in all parts of your life. Business, personal, spiritual, home, financial. An imbalance in one has an affect on all. The life we live is the one we created.

  2. Usha Patel says:

    Gary Keller’s message is always so clear and what an amazing role model for us all. Quantum Leap is a must for everyone and my goal is to someday be able to take the 2 day course with Gary. I am committed to becoming a better version of myself each day and it is courses like Quantum Leap that is helping me each day.

  3. Steve Tutt says:

    I cannot stress what a rare privelege it is to belong to a family that has a sincere value system that goes beyond lip service and the obvious “What have you added to the company’s bottom line recently?”

    Many talk the talk but Keller Williams walks the walk. Thanks!

  4. Quantum Leap is a life changing experience even in its condensed Family Reunion version. I can’t wait to one day take the full 2-day class. Gary is the best role model we can have; he’s been through tough times, dusted himself off, and started again. Amazing man!

  5. Nancy Farber says:

    What an inspiration this man has been to so many. Even if I were not a Realtor I would want to have had the pleasure of listening to Gary Keller. He doesn’t mince words and each sentence is a nugget in of itself.

  6. Eric Lowry says:

    What a great session! The 2 day class has to be amazing!!

  7. Janet Bryant says:

    Unbelievable! The entire week was just amazing! I am new to real estate and new to Keller Williams and because of these past few days, I know in my heart that I am where I am supposed to be. Thank you to the entire KW family for all that you did this week to make it memorable and exciting. Let’s go to Anaheim!

  8. What a fantastic experience Family Reunion was! I’m so proud to be a part of the KW family – Family Reunion renewed (and added to) my reasons that I am where I am!

  9. WOW! Every minute of this past week has been not only an inspiration to me but will be invaluable as I progress forward in my renewed relationships with Myself, my Husband, my Family, my Career, my Friends, my Co-Workers……wherever I choose to go, I can take everything I’ve been so privileged to experience this past week, with me! Life changing? Without a doubt! Heart changing? No words could possibly describe!!! Gary, Mo and all on your team…..THANK YOU from EVERY BIT of MY HUGE HEART!

  10. Gary’s speech was inspirational, personal, and profound! His emphasis on staying focused on the one important thing in our lives was very useful. Glad I got up at 530AM to return to Family Reunion to hear him speak. Thanks Gary (from one new KW agent; I recently transplanted from Maui to Georgia).

  11. Gary is just simply the best communicator I have ever encountered. He has an amazing way of converying whatever he is talking about into very basic and powerful observations. Love listening to his free audio interviews with top KW agents on Agent Mountain. Here is a link to some great real estate training and idea sharing:

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