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Focus on Leverage—Hiring Your First Assistant

A good friend recently observed that “the hardest job in the world is being a successful solo agent.” He’s right. When your business kicks into gear and your opportunities to do business with buyers and sellers outstrip your ability to convert and service them, your life will get out of balance. You will feel the burn just as you feel the accomplishment of jumping to a greater level of success. That’s why we say that when you’re doing all you can, get help. And the first help you hire is always on the administrative side—an assistant executive.

The key is to hire talent, such that your executive assistant has the ability and desire to develop into an assistant executive, a larger role in your organization which paves the way for even more growth in your business.

Here’s a video of my coauthor, Jay Papasan, and I discussing the do’s and don’t’s of hiring your first assistant. Let us know what you think!

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6 comments on “Focus on Leverage—Hiring Your First Assistant
  1. Very well done and I agree with their plan.

    Thank you


  2. ShawnMon says:

    so, are you posting your employment opportunity as an “Executive Assistant For Hire” and then mentioning that they will start as an Ass. Exec.?
    Or, are you posting your opportunity as an “Assistant Executive For Hire” and then explaining how they can move up to an Exec. Assistant?

    I assume from there, once you reach a new level of growth and are ready for more help, you promote him/her to Exec Assistant and then have him/her hire help as needed?

  3. Nancy says:

    I’ve hired an assistant, but I don’t have time to train her. Does KW have a training program that I can utilize?

  4. Jay Papasan says:

    Great questions! I’ve hired three executive assistants and and always posted the position as an “executive assistant.” During the recruit-select process, when the time comes to discuss the position in detail, I walk through how I hope the candidate aspires and has the capability to grow into an assistant executive. He or she will have to earn that title over time, though. Talent loves a challenge to prove themselves.

    Nancy, we have licensed a world class training program for hiring, training and retaining talent with RSTLM (Recruit-Select; Action Training; & Lead and Motivate)

    Also, if you have access to the 2010 Family Reunion breakout sessions on audio, you must check out Gene River’s excellent class on “Team One: Building Your First Team.” We’re using it as a foundation for a new class on teams!

    Thanks for the comments!
    Jay P

  5. John Holmes says:

    Great Idea to look long term and have them move up. I find it very difficult just to get an assistant let alone an executive assistant. Any strong DISC traits I should be looking for?

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