Tips for Using the iPad for Real Estate

Jul 23, 2010 5:06:28 AM

By Guest Contributor Patrick Woods, CEO and Team Leader of the Sacramento Metro office

apple-ipad_When I first heard of the iPad, I was sure that it would be a monumental disappointment. As I began reading the blogs though…I got sucked in (like sitting on the sofa as my wife is watching The Bachelorette). After much deliberation I decided that the iPad would be a tremendous investment, if only for the “Buzz Factor.” The amount of press that this device received in recent months, how could it not be a conversation piece? I wouldn’t really have to do much on it, the mere fact of owning one would cause people to start a conversation with me! So, I bought one, and….

I was right!

No matter where I am people are asking “Is that the iPad?”, “I have never seen one up close!”, “Do you like it?” Buzz Factor accomplished.

I knew this would be a great device to create a buzz, but how would it hold up to actual real world application for real estate? While some things (honestly) are still to come, I have compiled a quick list of must have apps to make your iPad really work for your real estate business. You get the advantage of me spending an enormous amount of time and a small fortune on Apps only to delete most of them.

So here are the Top 10 Apps that I would recommend for the iPad:

  1. Keynote – This is Apple’s version of PowerPoint. I love Keynote and this is the perfect app to “wow” your clients with a slick Buyer Consultation or Listing Presentation.
  2. DocsToGo – This great app allows you to access and edit your documents that are stored on your iPad or on “The Cloud.” So if you are using Google Docs, SugarSync, DropBox and more, this app will access them all. Not only can you view them, but you can also email them on the spot!
  3. SugarSync – This is one of my favorite apps!! This program will sync your document folders between multiple computers, your smart phone and your iPad. Simply amazing!
  4. Evernote – Ever have those ideas while you are out and about and before you can get a chance to write it down, you have forgotten it? In comes Evernote! This app will allow you to type or record a voice note. If you use a smartphone with a camera, you can also create notes from photos. Again, this app syncs your notes online so they are accessible everywhere (phone, computer, iPad).
  5. Hootsuite – while this app is still in iPhone only flavor (iPhone apps do work on the iPad, they just don’t look as pretty), it allows you to manage multiple facebook profiles, pages and twitter accounts. My favorite feature is the ability to schedule posts and tweets for later! This way you can be focused during your social networking as opposed to what most would think of someone posting to Facebook all day long.
  6. Analytics HD – This app syncs to your Google Analytics account. This way you can track how your sites are doing while on the go. See if a new blog post or tweet is driving traffic to your real estate site. After all, without the data how do you improve your results? Google Analytics is FREE too! Imagine showing your clients the traffic on their listing page real time from your iPad!
  7. Beejive IM for iPad – This is the best Instant Message/Chat client around! You can log in to pretty much any chat client available with this one application. It also has push notifications, so if someone wants to IM you while you are on the go… They can… and you won’t miss it!
  8. iAnnotate PDF - This app allows you to actually sign a PDF file, and it doesn’t just drop the signature “on top” of the pdf, it actually adds it into the pdf! So, yes, you can sign documents on the iPad! And for those of you that can’t handle signing with your finger… check this out – Pogo Sketch
  9. NewsRack RSS – As the world gets smaller it becomes increasingly more difficult to sift through everything to find the news and stories that I want to see. Thanks to RSS feeds (Really Simple Syndication) we can now only listen to what we care about! I use NewsRack RSS because it syncs to my Google Reader account, so no matter where I read my feeds, it will be up to date on all my devices!
  10. LogMeIn Ignition – Ok, this is the pricey one! And I debated long and hard before I bought it. Wouldn’t you know that the day I did it came in handy. This app allow you to access any computer remotely. So if you are out and about and there is that one thing you need off of your office computer, this app can be a life saver.

So there you have it, my must-have apps for real estate. As the iPad matures I can say with complete confidence that I will be coming out with another list with even better apps. For now, this list should keep your clients impressed and your business on the cutting edge of today’s hottest technology.Do you have a favorite app? Leave a note in the comments section on my blog.

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