Big goals, BOLD results. How BOLD is changing market centers and lives.

Sep 13, 2010 12:34:07 PM

By Kim Harryman, Course Writer, Keller Williams Realty International, Austin, TX.

I just attended a session at Mega Leadership Camp that featured two panels. The first panel focused on the amazing, positive impact of the BOLD Experience classes being taught across North America. The panel focused on the transformational experiences of those you were fortunate enough to attend the beta test of the first two sessions of BOLD Leadership.

Some of the highlights included:

  • Since BOLD debuted, John Davis has seen a 42 percent increase in profit and a 235 percent increase in recruiting in the Greater Heartland Region.
  • Smokey Garret, Team Leader of the DFW Metro South market center said, “This market is about outskilling the competition… There’s not a better gift than bold.”
  • Gene Arant, a top producer at the Austin Lake Travis market center has attended BOLD four times. He earned $435K in GCI last year. He has earned over $400K YTD and earned $105K in a single day.
  • Regarding BOLD Leadership, Tony Brodie, Assistant Team Leader at the Austin Northwest market center said, “You’ll discover blind spots you didn’t know you had. It hits you in the forehead. Imagine what 2 to 3 more transactions per agent or 2 to 3 more recruits a month would do for the market center. It can change the dynamics of everybody’s life.
  • Michelle Busby, Team Leader of the Cedar Park/Leander market center feels that the BOLD Leadership experience is so life changing, she’s going to make sure her entire ALC attends it the next time it is offered.