"This is our moment!"

Sep 13, 2010 9:25:59 AM

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By: Lisa Wahlgren, Communications Manager, KWRI

“Keller Williams is on the verge of something really incredible!” said Mark Willis, CEO of Keller Williams Realty, during Monday’s State of the Company address.
Looking ahead to a market that is likely to be “a little shaky for the next few months,” Willis emphasized to a powerfully packed convention hall of close to 1,500 of the company’s market center and regional leadership that, “we are on the threshold of greatness with opportunities like we have never seen before.”

Anticipating a new wave of demand in the 4th quarter of 2010, as a backlog of deferred foreclosures or “shadow inventory,” hits the market primarily in Arizona, Nevada, California and Florida, Willis quoted Steve Murray, editor of REAL Trends who has forecasted ,“We are about to see the greatest buyer’s market that we’ve ever seen in the history of our lives.”

And as this market development unfolds, Willis pointed out that “Keller Williams is shining through with positive energy at a time when the rest of the market has lost energy and steam. Among the company’s key accomplishments cited:

• “We profit shared more than $26 million year to date, and have surpassed $300 million in profit share since the start of Keller Williams profit share program.”

• Keller Williams continues to outpace the industry, as evidenced by an 8.5 percent increase in agent count year to date, vs. a 3.5 percent drop in NAR membership.

“We are now in the same 10,000 increment for agent count as our next largest competitor,” Willis noted. “It’s our destiny to surpass them and to become No. 1 in the next 12 months” – a feat that will be largely fueled by those in attendance. “You are the best leadership team that exists in this market!”


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