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Welcome to Mega Camp!

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  • cnyrealestate

    Wish I were there. I look forward to going next year!! Thank you Keller Williams for providing these awesome motivational programs. It’s nice to see like minded people all in the same place!

    I hope these videos are longer!

  • kimbraness

    I am following online and in heart. Thanks for the motivational messages – I can feel the energy that comes through even online. I can’t begin to imagine the excitement of being in the room.

    Just a few highlights that spoke to me:

    Mark Willis shared “KW is on the verge on something really incredible… we are on the threshold of greatness with opportunities like we have never seen before.” He quoted Steve Murray, editor of REAL Trends in saying “We are about to see the greatest buyer’s market that we’ve ever seen in the history of our lives.” Willis included that “Keller Williams is shining through with positive energy at a time when the rest of the market has lost energy and steam… KW continues to out pace the industry, ad evidenced by an 8.5% increase in agent count year-to-date, vs. a 3.5% drop in NAR membership.”
    Not to mention the profit share program and other records and reports where KW has excelled.

    But the following messages really got my attention – atop all the growing numbers is:
    “You are not a leader when you have a position or title. You are a leader when others look to you for direction.”

    “I would rather be known as a company of good citizens rather than a company of top sellers.” Mark Willis

    Thanks to the KW family for investing in the lives of your community.

    “Don’t talk about it. BE about it.”

    I am looking forward to meeting more of the KW family in January.

    “Hi” to the friends from KW Integrity – Elk River MN – Wishing you all well.


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