Video built a real estate star

Sep 14, 2010 10:57:58 AM


By Laura Price, Marketing and Communications Coordinator, Keller Williams Realty International.

Want to get your video to the top of Google’s search? “You’ll need a beautiful woman, kittens, babies, or Justin Bieber,” joked Bryon Ellington, chief products officer, Keller Williams Realty during Mega Technology Camp on Tuesday afternoon.

While there may be a grain of truth to Ellington’s initial words of wisdom, his session – Effectively Incorporating Video to Convert Leads – also laid out 12 strategies that real estate agents should use to jump into the realm of viral video-making.

1. Know Your Brand: Who are you as an agent? What is your marketing message in the community and how do consumers view you as an agent? When jumping into video it’s important to create a tone for your videos so that they match who you serve and who you are as an agent in your local market.

2. Avoid Making a Commercial: DVR, Netflix and some online video all avoid one thing: the commercial. Why? Because no one watches them anymore. When creating content for video, avoid the hard-sell or you may lose viewers.

3. Provide Relevant Information: Instead of a commercial about you, try answering your clients’ most common questions. Or create a PowerPoint movie about local market trends, popular neighborhood hotspots or the listing.

4. Be Valid, Authentic, Passionate … Be Yourself: Done right, video is an excellent strategy for delivering your unique message to consumers. Frank Vorhees, for instance, films in his car (not always recommended) – but the point is this – it’s a unique and creative way of creating video that captures viewers’ attention. What’s your angle?

5. Create Short Videos: According to Keller Williams research, the average attention span of viewers on KWConnect is 3 minutes and 30 seconds. And after 60 seconds of the three and half minutes more than half the people tune out. The strategy here: instead of one long video on YouTube, try breaking it into shorter parts to keep viewers watching.

6. Use YouTube: As the third-largest search engine, which also happens to be owned by Google, YouTube is among the best places to highlight your video. When you upload your video, Google automatically indexes it and increases the likelihood that it will be featured at the top of the search engine.

7. Explore Your Account: YouTube lets you see how long people are watching and where they are finding your video - great insights that can help you tailor your messages for future videos.

8. Be Mobile: 139 million people spend three hours online every day. Many of those are accessing it through the smart mobile devices, and more are jumping on board.

9. Include Tags and Descriptions Always include tags and descriptions for your videos. Remember, YouTube sometimes cuts off the description, so it’s smart to include your Website URL in the first sentence.

10. Post It Where People Can See It: Once it’s up on YouTube, be sure to get the word out about your video through your Social Media outlets … IF it’s good content.

11. When in Doubt, Delete It: Just because you shoot five minutes of video doesn’t mean you should post it all. YouTube’s editing tools are very intuitive and simple to use. Cut video into shorter parts (see strategy 5).

12. It’s not the Arrows, It’s the Archer: Don’t feel pressured to put on a huge production. Some of the most popular videos are lower quality, highlight the person and deliver incredible, value-add content.