Fuel for Your Tech Fire-My Top 5 Aha's from Mega Tech

Sep 15, 2010 7:30:06 AM



Liz, with Sue Adler and Jonathan Osman

From Guest Contributor Liz Landry, CEO/Team Lead - The Landry Team, Keller Williams Realty First Coast

It was a whirlwind 4 hours at Keller Williams Mega Tech Camp in Austin! With so many great tools and so many pages in notes there will definitely be some changes in agents business’ going forward. We’re going to break it down into Top 5 Aha’s for the day to help give a little focus.

  1. iPad’s and iPhone’s Oh My – If there is one thing that I took away from the last 4 hours it is this. An iPad has become expectation to have. Almost like having a cell phone. Buyer and listing presentation; on an iPad. Note taking; on an iPad. Mo Anderson, LOVES her iPad.
  2. Is your business mobile capable? – Buyers and sellers now more than ever are searching for information via their mobile devices. Example – A potential buyer pulls up in front of your listing. Instead of calling the listing agent on the property the buyer is now more likely to pick up their mobile device and hop onto the web to search live for it. With this happening it is becoming more and more important to have a “mobile solution” for our customers. The two options for this are build an App for your brand that the consumer would download on their mobile device, or to optimize your website for mobile browsers. Picking the best one for you will depend on your business and best ROI.
  3. Know Your Brand – Projecting the correct image to the correct target audience makes it effective. Your brand should reflect who you and your business really are. As people become more and more integrated in social media and Web 2.0 having a consistent and authentic brand image is crucial
  4. Video – Showcase your expertise and your personality through video. Today most cell phones shoot video or you can pick up a FlipCam for under $200. A key to video is to monitor your viewership and track the timing. Statistics show that on video after just 60 seconds your only retain 46% of viewers. After 5 minutes, it is almost non existent.
  5. Getting Social – 96% of Generation X and Y are on social networks and it has become their preferred method of communication. With national numbers showing over 50% of buyers are first time buyers we must adapt to our customers. Preferred methods of “going social” for real estate agents are Blogging, Facebook and Twitter. Each platform has a different flavor and a different approach.


Technology in Real Estate is taking off faster than we can keep up with it. We’ve got to jump on the train and hold on tight!

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