“We’re a little biased toward success”

Sep 15, 2010 6:10:21 AM

jay and gary2

By Lisa Wahlgren, communications manager, Keller Williams Realty International

Kicking off Mega Agent Camp Wednesday morning with the powerful message that “Success is all about tapping the transformative power created by focusing on what matters most,” Gary Keller, co-founder and chairman of Keller Williams Realty, talked about what it takes to “burst through ceilings and get set up for unlimited potential.

Joined by Jay Papasan, vice president of publishing and executive editor, Gary set the stage for the day and a half ahead emphasizing, “We’re not here to talk about making enough money to pay the bills. It’s about getting the most out of your business. It’s about lead generating,” which in real estate is the one thing that matters the most.

Ironically, lead generation is too often pushed to the sidelines by agents who get caught up in the administrative and transactional aspects of the business, both Gary and Jay pointed out. Why is that? Lead generation involves a lot of rejection – a lot of “Nos” that are much harder to handle than the satisfaction of completing administrative tasks.

Gary gets that.

“When I first got into this business, I didn’t love it,” Gary said. “Lead generation is not a part of my natural behavioral style. In fact, right out of college, I got a rejection letter for a sales position at an insurance company that I interviewed with, stating: ‘Mr. Keller, you don’t have the behavioral style of a successful sales person.’”

It was at that point that I made the determination not to let my “behavioral style or will power drive my career,” Gary said. “I did the hard things – the things that mattered most – first.”

“I practiced my scripts and dialogs, and then, I found my joy as I got better,” Gary said.

“Everything we’re going to talk about this morning is about giving you the best ways to have fun and have the financial rewards. Life works better when you have both.”

Welcoming to the stage the first round of top practitioners who have been deemed “The BEST” at various aspects of generating leads and running a real estate business, Gary emphasized the value of “hearing directly from the men and women who are actually doing it,” adding: “if you haven’t noticed, we’re a little biased toward success.”