How to Follow KW Family Reunion 2011 on Twitter

Feb 10, 2011 4:36:17 AM

Why follow KW Family Reunion on Twitter? Following an event on Twitter adds a rich new dimension to the experience. With your smart phone in hand, you suddenly have a backchannel into what hundreds of others around you are observing, thinking and doing. Twitter says its mission is to “instantly connect people everywhere to what's most important to them.” Each day news stories are broken as users around the globe post 140-character updates about events unfolding around them. As a result, Twitter has often been called the “pulse of the world.” We think it’s the perfect tool for you to experience a big event like Family Reunion from as many perspectives as possible.

Vendors will be tweeting special events. Agents and brokers will be sharing aha’s and tips from their breakout sessions. Networks will announce impromptu gatherings. Jokers will be cracking wise about gaffs and goofs. And, of course, the social media team at KWRI will be sharing interesting and informative information as well.

So what exactly do you need to do to tap into this undercurrent of information and entertainment? Who are the best people to follow?

If you don’t currently have a Twitter account, visit and get started. There is also a Twitter Start Up Guide available on myKW on the Marketing tab.

For everyone else, login to Twitter and search for the KW Family Reunion event hashtag: #KWFR . You can then click the “Save this search” button on the top, right-hand side of your page to save the search. All the popular Twitter mobile apps will allow you to add a column for the same search so you quickly access the stream of event-related tweets.


Here is a short list of notable or official #KWFR Twitter profiles:

  1. @KWRI -- Amber Presley is our Social Media Manager at KWRI and will be a great resource.
  2. @KWRINews – A channel for KW’s weekly enewsletter ThisWeek@KW, managed by marketing’s Laura Price.
  3. @MapsCoaching—The award-winning MAPS Coaching team.
  4. @carysylvester -- Executive Director of Technology at KWRI.
  5. @emarks – Ellen Marks is the Marketing and Communications Director at KWRI.
  6. @JoelleSenter – KWRI leader and agent technology advocate.
  7. @alexismacintyre -- Director of Keller Williams University.
  8. @Swanepoel -- Stefan Swanepoel is a keynote speaker at Family Reunion, author of Surviving Your Serengeti and Principal at RealEstateTrends.
  9. @KCKatalyst -- Kevin Carroll is a speaker at Family Reunion, founder of the Katalyst Consultancy and author of Rules of the Red Rubber Ball.
  10. @DanielPink -- Daniel Pink is another keynote speaker at Family Reunion, and author of Drive, A Whole New Mind, The Adventures of Johnny Bunko, & Free Agent Nation.
  11. @TechSavvyAgent -- Chris Smith is a guest speaker and co-creater of
  12. @BenKinney -- Ben Kinney is a KW OP, MegaAgent, IMSD founder, co-author of the book soci@l and an agent technology leader.
  13. @mayaREguru – Maya Sabot Paveza, a real estate social media and technology leader, is another guest worth following at the event and beyond. (edit: Maya will not be at Family Reunion after all-sorry if I got any of your hopes up that you would meet her!)
  14. @DotLoop, @Market_Leader and @KWeEdge – For lots of great info on the KW eEdge sessions.
  15. @BethTorrence, @KevinLKauffman, @Mizzle, @ChadHyams, @AllStarMom3, @Seychelle912, @SueAdler & @Liz_Landry – Because they are smart, tech savvy KW associates that have taught me much and are also a lot of fun.

Of course, I’ll be tweeting about all the of the above from @JayPapasan. There are literally thousands of KW associates on Twitter every day, building relationships, sharing information and prospecting for referrals and clients. This list is far from comprehensive! I’m sure I’ve missed lots of KW stars. Please share. Who will you be following at #KWFR?