How eEdge Helps You Focus on Your 20%

Feb 20, 2011 12:37:53 PM

From Guest Contributor Brad Korn, KWU Master Faculty, MAPS Coach, Korn Team, Mega Team in Kansas City

WOW! What an incredible energy here in Anaheim! It is crazy just how excited everyone is about the new eEdge product. As we saw today, it is truly one of a kind in the industry, and KW made a goal to pull off what has never been done, and have it ready for us at Family Reunion. I know there are many agents that couldn't make it to Anaheim so let me share with you some of the highlights from the "eEdge myContacts: That Was Easy" session.

This system was designed to support the Millionaire models we have heard Gary and Jay talking about for years! This tool truly helps us begin to master the Lead Gen model. eEdge specifically flows with the four laws of lead generation and was built with all these leads in mind:

1. Build a database

2. Feed it every day

3. Communicate with it in a systematic way

4. Service all the leads that come your way


eEdge gives us a simple plan to follow the fundamental models of the Millionaire Real Estate Agent and focus on our 20%. The 3 L's, Leads, Listings and Leverage are found in our eEdge product with myLeads, myTransactions and myMarketing. As we mentioned in the session, NAR studies show that 67% of online leads go unanswered. the eEdge system is helping Keller Williams agents plug that hole.


The Lead System, lead capture system and syndication get us exposure in over 40 channels and 300 destination sites helping KW agents capture more lead opportunities than we ever thought possible. It is time to get our unfair share of our markets and eEdge is helping us do that.


Can you imagine a lead coming to one of your 300+ sites where eEdge helps you capture their info, you get notified a lead was just captured and if you don't get the opportunity to follow up right away...the follow up goes out on your behalf just 12 hours after the lead is captured? Talk about automating our business! WOW!

The back end office helps us manage everything from new leads, converted leads, who to contact next, and most importantly, consistently and persistently market to these captured leads through the 8x8 and 33 touch follow up. The MREA models have already proven (and from personal is true) we all have an opportunity to get a 12:2 ratio of business from our database if we follow the MREA models. eEdge helps us do exactly that...and so much more!