View from the Top

Feb 20, 2011 11:13:04 AM

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Opening his annual Vision Speech with a reminder that “buyers and sellers in this market expect you and me to provide them with knowledge, expertise and perspective,” Gary Keller, chairman, Keller Williams Realty provided attendees with a hefty dose of all three. But it all comes down to “what to do now,” and this morning, Gary turned to three of the company’s top agents for in-the-trenches advice and expertise. Their unifying theme: have a plan, stick to it, embrace change, and make sure that what you’re doing works.

For Marnie Bennett, whose Bennett Real Estate Professionals at the Ottawa, Ontario market center produced $73 million in closed volume last year, a plan has proven to be the driving force behind her team’s success. “You also need to invest in yourself through education and training,” Marnie emphasized. “People want to do business with experts.” She also urged attendees to establish a unique selling proposition and to make sure that it’s communicated to clients. Her final point: Understand your weaknesses and either work to overcome them or hire people who can help fill in the gaps so that you can focus on your strengths. Having gotten her start in real estate at the age of 40 when another job came to an end, said that failure creates an chance for “the winner to come out. This market is a great time of opportunity to reinvent yourself.

For Chris Heller, of the Heller Real Estate Group, at the Carmel Valley/Del Mar market center, and the recently appointed president of KW Worldwide, success in real estate begins with a schedule that is followed diligently with a sharp focus on efficiency and effectiveness. Other keys: a willingness to do whatever it takes, and an ability to work with a wide range of people.

Renowned social media guru, from the Bellingham, Wash., market center, Ben Kinney, emphasized the importance of leveraging the internet, avoiding costly marketing campaigns that can’t be tracked, and a willingness to change. “Listings are the fuel of your business,” he said, to which Gary added: “It’s like stacking your store with inventory. The bigger your store, the more buyers come into it.”

In closing, Gary advised attendees to make a list of “one or two things that you could do, that if you did them, would significantly change your business. Use these next few days to gain momentum by going to every class and breakout that will help to move in that direction.”