Your First Three Hires

Feb 20, 2011 6:41:16 PM

Earlier today we sat in on Christine Lee’s session “Your First Three Hires.” As team leader and broker at KW Jacksonville, she had a wealth of tips on who to hire, when to hire and how to do it. Her thoughts are that “Being a single agent is the hardest job in real estate... because if you don't have a team, you are the team. You're the listing agent, the buyer agent and your own assistant. You're running errands, making copies, dealing with phone calls, making appointments for appraisers, title companies, home inspectors!”

She has grown her team from one to eight and here are three of her do’s and don’ts of hiring straight from her session:


Hire TALENT vs. Cul-de-sac - Hire the best people you can find. A dead-end person is the worst thing you can do for the growth pattern of your team and your business. True talent will shine and make you and the team better. Cul-de-sac or the wrong hire will be an anchor to your business to the degree you were better off without the bad hire.

Use the DISC - Understand the types of personality, skills sets and natural strengths of people so you can put them on the right seat on the bus. Everyone has a role they are optimal for so work towards peoples' strengths instead of fighting their weaknesses.

Hold Your Team Accountable - Have a goal and a plan and a way to track it to hold people accountable. You want to go from A to B, but having no map and no idea of where A or B is will not get you to your goal.


Don't go don't hire poorly out of desperation, it's not worth it!

Don't Make Assumptions - Don’t assume someone wants to succeed, wants to be held accountable and have a good team attitude, have good work ethic or knows the importance of learning and sharpening their skills. Don't assume they like to be improve, be pushed, and grow. Don't assume they are open to change, positive thinking and overall a good fit for you or the team unless you ask and have done the due diligence to verify.

Don't skimp! Always follow the proper hiring process, like in in-depth interview and reference checking

Christine Lee leads the Christine Lee team in Jacksonville, Florida. In 2010, Lee was named to REALTOR® magazines prestigious 30 Under 30 list, which recognizes 30 rising stars in the real estate industry. Please visit her Website for more information.