Lead Generation: How to make it your No.1 priority

Feb 21, 2011 4:29:48 AM


Rick Geha

The room was packed with agents of all ages and experience during Rick Geha's Lead Generation: Focus on Success Breakout Session yesterday afternoon. Geha congratulated those who were getting into the business during a time when most are getting out, and applauded the veterans who still understand the power education and training can have in taking their businesses to even higher levels.

Joking that the class was previously named "Power of One" and that Gary Keller has taken that name for a new project he's working on, Geha still emphasized that Lead Generation is the No.1 thing agents should be doing. Recognizing that Lead Generation is one of the more challenging activities for real estate agents, he told agents "not to beat themselves up about it - you'll be eating into you three hours!" he laughed.

Geha then told attendees that often doing the 80 percent gets in the way of the 20 percent. "Your 20 percent is lead generating, taking appointments, and negotiating. Your 80 percent is the administrative stuff you can do on your laptop while watching CSI. Don't eat into your 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. activities with your 80 percent. Condition yourself to stay on the tasks that will earn you more and more business."

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