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Surviving Your Serengeti with Stefan Swanepoel

A safari-clad Stefan Swanepoel took the stage earlier this morning to present his Keynote Speech on Surviving Your Serengeti. Based on his latest book with the same title, Swanepoel discussed his larger-than-life metaphor that offerred attendees an opportunity to discover the seven skills that provide a guide to conquer any challenge in business and in life.

We got an exclusive interiew backstage before Swanepoel went on and asked the question: What Animal Are you?

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One comment on “Surviving Your Serengeti with Stefan Swanepoel
  1. jquist says:

    Didn’t make it to Family Reunion, but have read Stefan’s new book “Surviving Your Serengeti” due to be published on March 1st in hardcover.

    You ask, how then have I already read the complete book? Easy, it is already out on Kindle through A very cool way to read, and usually you can save money by getting the Kindle edition. And no gas money used and time lost going to a store, and no sales tax!

    It is a great book. Informational, fun and fast to read, makes all his points clearly and with a recap at the end of each chapter.

    I am the Cheetah. Took the quiz as well.

    I highly recommend this book.

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