Why Clients Want You To Be an eEdge Agent

Feb 22, 2011 2:07:03 PM


Why? Because of “Consumer-Centricity”

Customer service has always been the backbone of real estate. Not much has changed on that basic principal. What has changed is the method, delivery and interpretation of the customer service experience for consumers interested in buying, selling or investing in a home.

Delivering value and surpassing expectations, as well as the just rolled-out eEdge were the topics of discussion at the “Why your clients want you to be an eEdge agent” Breakout Session on Tuesday afternoon presented by Ellen Marks, executive director of marketing and communications.

The emergence of a new market, arrival of a new consumer, information technologies and social media has changed the landscape of real estate transactions. The truth is most customers are more concerned with getting value through excellent customer service. An agent-centric company and a consumer-centric company can be one – and that is the philosophy eEdge was built upon.

Delivering a consumer-centric experience through eEdge

So, what do you need to know about the most dynamic and innovative technology to hit the real estate industry? And, how do you deliver on the promise of a consumer-centric experience through eEdge? First, position yourself as the ultimate customer service connoisseur.

What Sellers Want

Here’s what the industry knows for sure. NAR reports that 84 percent of home sales start with the Internet. At 12 million total sides per year, that translates to more than 10 million buyer and seller leads on the Internet. However, on average, 67 percent of those online leads GO UNANSWERED! If you’re in the business of providing above average customer service, then achieving the highest price in the shortest time with the least hassle and peace of mind is top priority.

eEdge helps you do that. First and foremost, it gets your listings out to the marketplace through an eEdge Website, IDX, KW.com, KWLS. Then the various components go to work.

myLeads: According to NAR, there is a 29 percent success rate of turning a Web contact into a client if live contact is made within the first hour after the contact’s visit to a Website. After four hours, the chance drops to 27 percent. Through your myLeads dashboard you will receive alerts when a contact expresses interest in a home. You’ll then be able to respond immediately to the “hot” lead giving your sellers peace of mind that you aren’t missing a beat on possible buyers and can easily identify the most motivated ones.

myContacts: As leads come in, reminders allow you to follow up with contacts when you promised you would. myContacts also keeps details about each contact giving you freedom to be more personal and purposeful with your communications and marketing. Customers will notice that you take care to send them information that is relevant to them.

myMarketing: With 8x8, 12-Direct and 33-Touch campaigns hitting buyers at the right time with the right message, sellers can be reassured by the ease with which you can receive, qualify and respond to buyer leads.

myTransactions: All parties benefit from a seamless, streamlined transaction. With myTransactions sellers can be confident that you’ll negotiate the highest price in the shortest amount of time by removing paper, travel time and adding instant, secure negations and e-signatures.

What Buyers Want

80 percent of buyers find properties on the Web first. According to NAR, there is a 72 percent success rate of turning a Web contact into a client if live contact is made within the first hour after the contact’s visit. After four hours, the chance drops to 29 percent.

myLeads: Because you are notified immediately on your myLeads dashboard when a buyer registers for access to your listings you can qualify and contact them before the 5-minute mark (when leads historically go cold) and begin building the relationship.

myContacts: A detailed profile, history of email exchanges, reminders to follow up with contact and information about lead searches help you craft consistent, professional and personal communications showing customers your level of care for their individual needs.

myMarketing: Recipients of your touch campaigns will appreciate the relevance of the materials they receive. After they’ve given you their contact information, you’ll be able to put them on specific campaigns based on their needs, activating a relationship and maintaining frequent communications.

myTransactions: All parties benefit from a seamless, streamlined transaction. With myTransactions buyers can be confident in a speedy negotiation process with the removal of paper, decrease in travel time and instant, secure negations and e-signatures.

If customer service is the name of the real estate game, it goes without saying that a shift has to happen to accommodate the new needs of consumers. And that is exactly what Keller Williams associates have done through the creation of eEdge.

eEdge was designed to help run your business more smoothly so you can do what you do best – provide the highest level of service to buyers and sellers.

To download a free copy of the presentation, go to www.familyreunion.kw.com/downloads