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How can one day change North America?

My Dear Family –

What an honor it is to be the recipient of a birthday present that unites, energizes and mobilizes Keller Williams agents all over North America to go into their communities and do these good and wonderful projects. Every year I hear about the incredible acts of kindness and awesome amount of giving and I am deeply, deeply touched.

RED Day is our culture at work. And it’s the glue that binds our company together as we express our commitment and our solid values to make our communities better places in which to live. I can’t tell you how awesome it is to see videos like the one below display our wonderful culture in action. You are incredible, and I thank you.

Last year’s impressive success story included 150,000 hours of community service by 35,000 agents.

We’re only a few weeks away from this year’s RED Day and my hope is that we will double our efforts! At least 250,000 hours spent working in our communities and 45,000 associates.

So here’s the question: Is everyone rallying around together to go make this wonderful, wonderful thing happen. I think so!

When you participate in RED Day, your life will be changed to a greater extent than those you have helped. This is going to be a glorious day. I thank you so much for your efforts. I thank you for what you’re doing and the difference you’re making not only in the life of your community, but in your own personal life. We love you.

I hope you’ll talk to your market center’s RED Day Representative to find out how you can get involved and Give Where You Live on May 12, 2011! There is also a page on dedicated to RED Day, please visit if you get a chance!

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3 comments on “How can one day change North America?
  1. agentlia says:

    check out our Red Day 2011 Slide Show ~ Westlake Village

  2. billpratt says:

    Participated in my second RED DAY. We went to an elementary school in one of Dallas’s most crime riddled areas called 5 points. Their school mascot is “EarthKeeper”. We made new flower boxes for each classroom, beautified the inner playground area and finished the new bookcases purchased by the school. These will be used in the upper grades for in the classroom libraries.
    After we finished Chick-fil-e treated us to lunch and drinks were provided by the school. In addition, each participant was given a coffee mug, and pencil with the school name and emblem printed on it. They were presented by the students who scored the highest on the recent TAKS test along with a thank you for making our school beautiful. We got much more than we gave.
    Not only was the school in wonderful condition, the kids were ALL well behaved, enjoying being at school and happy. This school has become a beacon of hope for this part of town. The kids are respected by the teachers and staff, they receive breakfast and lunch and work very hard. They just received their test scores back for TAKS and they are Exemplary which means that they had to score at least a 90 on all or the core subjects (Math,Reading and Science). We can learn so much from them.
    Can’t wait for next year and the next project to improve out community by giving back for what we have.

  3. craigmarshall says:

    Very nice to see you all in a unit. You look gorgeous and success reflect through your face. Great job. Wish you all the best.

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