10 Ways to Win Clients with Video

Aug 4, 2011 12:44:51 PM

By John Paul Lewis, Director of Media Production, Keller Williams Realty International

According to an article on Mashable.com, 73% of homeowners are more likely to list with a realtor using video, yet only 12% of agents have a YouTube channel. If you haven’t already, there is still a huge opportunity to bring video into your business and use it to get your unfair share of the market. Here are 10 tips to get you started:

TIP #1: Know Your Goal
You can essentially do 5 broad types of video in your real estate business:

Branding videos – Show your Unique Value Prop, Client Testimonials, etc.
Buyer Videos – use video to show house to remote clients, use to shed light on inspection issue
Seller/Listing Videos – market the house; virtual tour on steroids
News/Industry Videos – Real estate how to’s, hot topics, tips for buyers/sellers
Community/Lifestyle Videos – Offer info on neighborhood, community, niche that you specialize in serving

TIP #2: Know Your Brand – video will bring your brand to life; know your colors, style, tone before you start filming; you don’t have to use beautiful or expensive graphics; keep it simple and supportive of your brand.

TIP #3: Don’t just make a commercial – people want value on the web, not advertising; at least offer a valuable tip or testimonial if you do a “commercial”

TIP #4: Provide Value – Give the viewer something they can use immediately or answer a question/pain/fear they have; make it topical, timely, applicable

TIP #5: Keep it short and sweet – most web videos should be 3 min or less. And video is shareable, don’t ever be negative. It’s out there forever, even if you take the video down.

TIP #6: Learn and Use YouTube – there are a variety of solutions designed for real estate agents but YouTube is a great, and more importantly FREE, place to start.

TIP #7: Tag and Embed your videos – this will help with SEO and getting your video seen (see #6)

TIP #8: Interact with your viewers – video is social media so comment and share with your fans; You can use video to ask great questions or get a dialogue started on Facebook or Twitter.

TIP #9: Get Your Clients involved – have your favorite clients offer a buyer/seller tip on video and give a testimonial at the same time. Document your reputation through video – NAR stats prove year after year that the agents local reputation matters most to homeowners – film these at the closing table, don’t “fake it”.

TIP #10: Keep it simple and cheap – don’t spend money until the videos are making you money; just like any other technology, video can get expensive quickly; hold your money/effort accountable to bringing you business.

Tip #11: We added one in for good measure. The Kodak PlayTouch is an affordable handheld camera that makes your video and sound look professional! Just be sure to purchase the microphone accessory to pin to people you're filming - the sound quality is excellent.

Bonus Tip!: Just one more, I promise! Start a YouTube account and subscribe to the www.youtube.com/kellerwilliams channel today! There’s tons of free content already created for you to share, post and customize on your Blog, Social Networks and Websites.