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“Success is Sequential NOT Simultaneous.”

Focus. Not everyone has it, yet everyone can attain it. That was the message Gary Keller drove home this morning during Day Two of Mega Agent Camp.

“Multi-tasking is a myth,” he exclaimed from the stage. “The expression ‘multi-tasking’ is inherently deceptive. When you try to multi-task your attention is divided and you become great at nothing.”

“Success is Sequential NOT Simultaneous.” Here Gary dispels the multi-tasking myth and the concept of balance.

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2 comments on ““Success is Sequential NOT Simultaneous.”
  1. cbrown says:

    What you focus on is what you achieve. As agents we all try to do everything to generate leads. If we focus on few we then master those and our businesses will move forward and our lives will be bigger.

  2. teamsohail says:

    Success is Sequential NOT Simultaneous Got it. Super Sinked In! Thanx Gary………..

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