The Importance of Staying Present

Nov 18, 2011 11:57:59 AM

With more than 10 million books sold and over fifty years of experience under his belt, Harvey Mackay has plenty to offer in the way of sales advice. I was lucky enough to receive an advanced copy of this legend’s most recent book, The Mackay MBA of Selling in the Real World, which recently landed the No. 1 spot on the Wall Street Journal's Best Seller list, and would like to share an aha.

In the book, Mackay tells of his experience seeing Billy Crystal’s one-man show, 700 Sundays, not once, but twice. “Both were sensational!” He talks about Tony Bennett singing the same song, over and over and over again, for more than fifty years. “It’s exciting every single time!” To Mackay, these guys are pros. Every show is treated as the one-and-only time they will ever perform. Even though the audience knows there were seven, thirty-two or 119 shows before the one they’re seeing, there’s no contest this is the best performance yet.

Mackay credits his aha moment of this working model to his college golf coach, who said: “Every drive you hit… every approach shot you make… every putt you stroke… you say to yourself, ‘This is the last drive I will ever hit. This is the last approach shot I will every make. This is the last putt I will ever stroke. Therefore, it better be my best.’ ”

Sales is repetitive. That’s all there is to it. Your only option is to be completely present in every single conversation you have about your business. You must be passionate and treat every opportunity as if it is your last. Every potential client must be treated as a precious resource. It’s easier said than done. Time and again when we interview the best-of-the-best we observe they aren’t necessarily doing extraordinary things, but rather bring extraordinary effort to the monotonous everyday task that lead to extraordinary results.

What are the areas of your business where you are making a commitment to be present every time?

--Jay Papasan

p.s. As a thank you to Keller Williams Realty's continued support, Harvey is giving us access to his book "Harvey Mackay The Network Builder." I encourage you all to go check it out. Here's the link:

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