The Time to Bel1eve is now!

Jan 4, 2012 12:11:31 PM

Dear Associates,

Our company’s success is rooted in our ability to believe. We believe that Keller Williams Realty is built by you and for you and that your brand matters most.

We trust in our value proposition and in our dedication to building careers worth having, businesses worth owning and lives worth living. We believe in these pillars, simply because they are true!

Last February at our Family Reunion, we celebrated becoming the second-largest real estate company in the United States – an incredible accomplishment that is entirely yours. Now, as we look forward to 2012, we’re ready for the next step. To put it into perspective, let’s look at where we stand in the competitive landscape.

It thrills us to say that while other companies have gone down in size by nearly half since 2005, Keller Williams Realty has grown from 57,600 to 77,672 associates during the same time period – an increase of almost 35 percent! To use Gary Keller’s words, we know how fortunate we are to be standing on the shoulders of giants. And those giants are you! Our biggest asset as a company is that we are long-term thinkers. We set the bar high, and while reaching the No. 1 spot in our industry is absolutely our destiny, it’s about becoming the real estate company of choice for the long haul.

What this means for us is that our trajectory is clear and we are going to remain steadfast on our journey to become the No. 1 real estate company in North America. Make no mistake; we understand this is a huge under – taking. We also know that there is no better time than now to seize every opportunity. It is that unstoppable passion which brings us to our next objective: to never have a single agent go backward. Simply put, your success is our goal.

Our focus has and always will be on providing the very best education, training and coaching, so that you stay on a forward trajectory in your career and your life. This year, that includes Ignite. Replacing CAMP 4:4:3, we know the contents of this amazing class will spark your career and absolutely unleash your potential, getting you into production now. (See page 22 to read how it’s already changing businesses.)

Profit sharing is the ultimate manifestation of our philosophy of succeeding through others, and it is an absolute promise we’ve made to you. As of December 2011, we’ve shared $36 million with you! We know that number is entirely possible because of your ingenuity, ambition and your talent in your local markets. As you read through the pages of this issue, you’ll see what we mean. And by the way, let’s remember that our company’s entire belief system is centered on our extraordinary culture. We’ve said it before: we’d rather build a company of good citizens first, and then a company of top producers. We’re lucky that our culture fosters both.

You hold the future of our company in your hands, and we are absolutely thrilled to serve as stakeholders with you on our way to the top. We want you to know that we’re going to continue believing in YOU. We trust that you’ll keep on believing in yourself and in Keller Williams Realty.

Keep on Bel1eving!

Mark Willis, CEO,

Keller Williams Realty