KW SHOUTS THE CULTURE at the 2012 Cultural Summit!

Feb 11, 2012 2:01:40 PM



Keller William Realty is Shouting the Culture in its market centers, regions and the world in 2012! Led by Mo Anderson, Vice-Chairman of the Board and Kay Evans, regional co-owner in the Southeast Region and North Florida Region, the 7th Annual Cultural Summit honored the deeds of kindness, acts of giving and spirit of sharing that associates display across the United States and Canada every day.

“In 2012, Keller Williams is shouting the culture in our market centers, regions, and the WORLD! Our culture gives us energy, builds enthusiasm, creates team spirit, and drives our momentum as we do business every day,” said Anderson from the podium.

Welcoming the Cultural Ambassadors to the stage Evans announced:”There is wave of cultural momentum moving across our company – soon we will welcome 60 additional ambassadors!”

“The recognition as a Cultural Ambassador is awarded to you by your peers. You have exemplified the culture of KW at a high level through giving unselfishly of your time, your smiles, and your helping hands. Your passion for demonstrating the Culture to your fellow Associates is an inspiration. Thank you for your deeds of kindness. May you be blessed as you have blessed others. Please come to the stage to be honored with a gift.”

Afterward, to their surprise, several Cultural Ambassadors were asked to come forward to recognize them for their incredible stories of culture they’ve exemplified in their market centers.

Ladweena_Cultural Summit

La’Dweena Smith, of the Mid-America Region got creative with her culture. She writes:

Culture is taking positive talk a step further by making it a positive action.

When the disaster in Joplin hit, our office was just sick! We felt so close to those agents. We wanted to do anything we could to help.

I called and emailed until I was finally told, “thanks for your concern, however, there are no more families to be adopted.”

My heart sank! I decided I was not taking NO for an answer. Our office came up with the idea for "Treats and Eats"!

With donations from agents in our MC, once a week for 4 months, treats were provided to the Joplin agents.

The culture in our MC grew – Knowing that every week we were helping the Joplin agents in some small way.

Mo and Kay then welcomed the Katy market center to the stage to share their story about their 501c3 non-profit organization Cinco Charities, a project started by associates in 2008, which provides temporary housing to patients and their caregivers as they come to Katy for life threatening treatments to save their lives. “We wanted to create a community of care and support in our market center and through our community,” said Fred Wright, team leader. “It’s amazing what has happened. Agents, title and mortgage companies, the medical industry, strangers and countless volunteers,” he added. So far the organization has raised more than $100,000 through their annual charity golf tournament and provided more than 170 people free lodging.

Rounding out the Cultural Summit was recognition of those associates, market centers and regions who have given to KW Cares. Congratulations!