HOT Breakout: Using Video to Generate Leads

Feb 12, 2012 11:15:55 AM

Does video marketing generate actual leads? As marketing budgets decrease, and easy-to-use video editing tools pop up, it’s a question many agents are asking. Tackling that topic early Sunday morning was Adam Hergenrother, associate with the Green Mountain (Vt.) market center, Kevin Kauffman, associate with the Tempe – Scottsdale market center and Seychelle Van Poole, associate with the Dallas Preston Road market center, who all agree that video is worth the time and small upfront investment.

“The results are impressive,” says Kauffman, who’s been blogging with his 46:10 business partner Fred Weaver since 2009. “The system we’ve set up has paid for itself over and over again.” Here are their top tips for using video to generate a solid pipeline of business.


Set Goals

Kauffman: Our goal is a fairly simple. We collaborate with our marketing firm to define a variety of mediums to attract short sale sellers to our videos. Then, we identify with the viewer and demonstrate to them why we are short sale experts and finish with a strong call to action, trading information that the seller values for their contact information. Currently, our Short or Stay calculator is the strongest call to action we have. That has basically turned our video blogging from a good source of seller leads to a good source of motivated seller leads that are HOT.

Hergenrother: Our lead generation systems with video encompass everything. We use video for informational services to blast to larger audiences on social media, news, YouTube and site we can attach our content. We send a pre-listing video to every client prior to them coming into the office. We use video to fully leverage our listing and buyer video's to ensure every buyer/seller understand the full services of our team. This can also be emailed/drop box to clients outside of the state which is extremely helpful. We use video for price reductions, FSBO and expired campaigns. It's the best leverage tool.AdamHergenrother_Usingvideos

Leverage yourself

Hergenrother: We use Animoto for quick videos, professional editing for anything that will be mass produced, Window's Movie Maker, and Comf5. Many of my videos, however, are shot without editing on a Logitech HD camera.

Kauffman: We just do the “turn on camera, talk, turn off camera” part (learned this from Gary Vaynerchuck in the book Crush it) and hand the video off our marketing firm. Our time is better spent on other tasks once the video has been shot and Direct Business Marketing is better at the techy stuff than us. We have an agreement with them. We won’t tinker with the websites and the videos if they promise not to negotiate short sales. It’s a good task to delegate to someone else.

Van Poole gave three simple tips for making sure your videos generate action from your clients. We got her on video!

Keep it simple

Kauffman: We time block for our video blogging with a specific set of topics, shooting 10-15 at a time and then turn them over to our marketing firm. The videos are 2-3 minutes and we don’t do multiple takes – we’re not afraid of being ourselves.

Hergenrother: We use video to fully leverage our listing and buyer video's to ensure every buyer/seller understand the full services of our team.

Get Results

Hergenrother: My net income has increased over 34 percent in one year. Video saves money, and leverages yourself so you can concentrate on dollar-producing activities.


Kauffman: The results are pretty impressive. If you look at how our business has grown and the number of listings we have has grown, you can see the results. We’ve been video blogging for leads since November of 2009 and it’s always been effective, but more importantly, it’s cost effective. The video blogging system that we’ve set up has paid for itself over and over again.

Keller Williams associate, Darne Ridgley also recapped the session in his own words on video.