KW Technology Breakout Session: What's New with eEdge

Feb 12, 2012 3:12:19 PM


As eEdge approaches its one-year birthday, close to 1,000 Family Reunion attendees gathered to celebrate the impact of this award-winning, innovative, and powerful system that changed the game of real estate forever. Not only has the leverage that eEdge provides saved associates countless hours and dollars spent on administrative tasks, but agents have reported an 84% increase in leads since eEdge launched at Family Reunion 2011!

Key representatives of KWRI’s IT and Marketing teams led the “What’s New with eEdge” breakout session to show how eEdge has evolved since its launch, and to give a sneak peek at some exciting new features that are coming soon.

  • Mike Malinowski, Product Management Team Lead, opened the session by highlighting the enhancements made to the eEdge myLeads and myContacts components over the past year, including easier contact importing, full IDX feeds to eEdge websites (where available), and shared access for teams. Mike previewed the soon-to-be-available action plans, which will put critical to-do tasks front and center on associates’ KW dashboards.
  • Ellen Marks, Executive Director of Marketing and Communications, presented the myMarketing component, which launched with all the MREA campaigns and was expanded to include campaigns for KW Commercial associates as well as leadership. At last count, 67,000 KW associates have activated their eEdge accounts and are running 28,384 automated marketing campaigns, reaching 2,529,456 consumers! Ellen reported that agents running an eEdge 33 Touch to their database averaged a 71 percent increase in units closed, a 117 percent increase in volume and an incredible 67 percent increase in gross commission income. Finally, Ellen unveiled a sneak peek at the new myMarketing platform to be released next month, which features streamlined navigation, video marketing campaigns, and a WYSIWYG editor—all part of KW’s goal to provide agents with a highly customizable system that allows them to brand themselves and target their markets.
  • Joelle Senter, Director of eStrategy, walked through an extensive list of enhancements to the myTransactions component, making transaction tasks even more automated and streamlined than ever before. She explained, “We listened to what you and your clients have said was slowing you down, and simplified those processes to maximize your efficiency, giving you more time to do those things that make you money.” Enhancements to myTransactions include improved form navigation, clause manager, and a broker dashboard. The room roared with applause as Joelle unveiled “Project No More Greensheet.” This effort, when completed, will be an enormous milestone in KW’s eternal commitment to helping agents stay focused on their lead generation activities without bogging them down in computer-related tasks.
  • Cavin Weber, eTrainer, recognized the contributions of the more than 1,800 eEdge Ambassadors in the field. He said, “It is the collaboration of our associates that has fueled the innovative technology that is eEdge and our eEdge Ambassadors are the drivers. These influential individuals have voluntarily stepped up into this leadership role and have helped to make eEdge what it is today and what it will evolve into in the future.” Cavin concluded by demonstrating the value of KWRI’s eTraining team, which delivered a remarkable 256 webinars with more than 80,000 attendees in 2011. He explained that understanding KW’s technology tools allows agents to take advantage of their fair share of leads. Responsiveness, reaction, organization and constant communication with these leads is imperative and our technology training programs help develop these skills. Finally, Cavin presented the eTraining Team’s plans for future training, which begins immediately after Family Reunion to acquaint associates with the new myMarketing component.

The team took time to thank all attendees in the room for their participation in the evolution of eEdge; they are truly the innovators that conceived of the eEdge product, and continue to drive KWRI to improve it every day.