Superstars take the stage, deliver strategies for a bigger business and life

Feb 13, 2012 11:09:01 AM


Russell Rhodes, Dallas Preston Road Market Center

Hire people with a servant’s heart. Our service to our clients absolutely comes first. When you remember that the business will come.

Steven Cohen, Boston-Metro

Get intentional about the 10 percent of your business. Put anchors down on it and then implement systems that move you from “E” to “P”

Juliana Lee, Palo Alto

You become what you believe. I was burned out five years ago, and then changed my mindset. Things have taken off since then.

Joe Rothchild, Houston Southwest

Never find yourself doing a $5 an hour job. Continue to replace and replace yourself until your business is running itself. That’s when you reach 7th level.

Kendra Todd, Greater Seattle

When it comes to niche business areas, hire people who are more qualified than you, so that you can focus on the bigger picture.