Taking your Business Mobile - Mega Technology Camp @ Family Reunion

Feb 13, 2012 9:32:05 AM

By Brenda Marshall, KWU Course Writer, Keller Williams Realty International Support Center


Have you taken your business mobile? If not, it’s time to get on the train! Attendees of Mega Technology Camp were treated to a smorgasbord of tips and tricks for leveraging the latest trends in technology meet the demands of the highly mobile consumer population, and ultimately to generate more business.

Clad in a “Geeky Girl” t-shirt, Dianna Kokoszka, President of KW MAPS Coaching, kicked off this session and insisted that attendees leave with at least three ideas to incorporate into their businesses. Among the presenters were three of Inman’s 100 Most Influential Real Estate Leaders in 2011—Cary Sylvester, Executive Director of Technology, KWRI, Ben Kinney, CEO and President of Home4Investment, Chris Smith of Inman Next and Sue Adler, CEO of the Sue Adler Team.

Cary and Ben revealed that today’s consumers browse on their mobile devices at home as much as “on the go.” More and more, we are using our smartphones in place of our desktops. We use our phones and tablets to watch TV, browse the web, play games, read books, listen to music, send emails and texts, pay bills, so it’s only logical that consumers would expect to conduct real estate business the same way.

So, what does it mean to take one’s business mobile? Largely, it’s about responsive design—ensuring your website is designed to adapt to the user’s mobile device in terms of screen size, platform, and orientation.

A parade of the savviest of the tech-savvy proceeded to educate and amaze attendees with best practices in leveraging technology in real estate. Some highlights include:

  • Matt Fetick, Mega Agent and KWU International Master Faculty, decided six years ago that on weekends, his deals would be conducted from the beach, and today, he has truly taken his business mobile. Some of Matt’s favorite resources: virtual assistants, VoIP, Dropbox, Shoebox, and Dragon Dictation.
  • Chris Smith, Chief Evangelist, Inman News, delivered his presentation on his iPad and highly recommended Sliderocket for presentations and Roambi for interactive graphs. Get his entire presentation here: http://bit.ly/mobile-tools-inman-next
  • Seychelle Van Poole, Team Leader of Van Poole Properties, shared 5 Tips to Rock Referrals. Among these were using LinkedIn to build relationships with companies and joining national referral groups on Facebook, such as the KW Referral Group.
  • Jonathan Osman, Tech Coordinator at Charlotte-South Park and Team Leader of the Charlotte House Hunter Group, presented 5 Tips for Engaging Website Visitors. His overarching message—give users what they want. Ensure your website provides content that is specific and relevant to your expertise and allow visitors a test drive—access to view one property before requiring registration.
  • Ron Armstrong, Tech Coordinator and Luxury Agent at Asheville, shared 5 Tips for Marketing Your Luxury Listing. Among these tips is to know thy story: get the demographics on the buyers that have seen the house and compare to studies from the Center for Affluence. Then, map them and reach out to those markets and agents.
  • Sue Adler, presented 5 Tips to Creating a Great Online Consumer Experience. One tip for marketing listings is to showcase the community as much as the house and to stay in touch after the sale—people don’t want to feel as though they were nothing more than a transaction.
  • Adam Hergenrother, CEO of The Hergenrother Team, shared 5 Tips for Teams, which includes getting on TV and radio and turning your shoulds into musts.

Download the entire Mega Technology Camp presentation from familyreunion.kw.com/downloads and then tell us—what three ideas will YOU implement in your business?