The Lessons and Rules of Google with Chad Hyams

Sep 18, 2012 1:41:46 PM

“There are lessons and rules of everything in life and the same is true for Google,” Chad Hyams began in his Google and SEO Tactics session this afternoon. “Regardless of if you are a rule follower or the rule book means nothing to you, like myself, Google decided what was going to work and what wasn’t. Best described, Google is your ‘frenemy’ and the challenge is that you don’t know which rules they’re playing with from one day to the next.”

So what are the latest rules?

  1. Google is moving more to thinking for you - We already see this in your search field with the auto-completed search terms.
  2. Google answers – When you search for a particular question such as today’s weather, Google will no longer display just links but rather display the weather forecast in your location right directly above search results.
  3. Growth – Google+ is not yet where they want it to be however, it has the potential to really impact your business with a friend populated ranking system that will display the results your friends click on most. Suddenly you are clicking the second or third link on the results page rather than the top link.
  4. Not on the first page? No chance – Only 2.7% of people click past the first page so if you’re not there, you don’t have a chance.
  5. Down to Top 7 Results – As of mid- August 2012, only the top seven results will be displayed, down from the former top ten, making it even more important to maximize your SEO and make those top spots.
  6. Google mobile – Tracking where you are, recommending where you should eat and what you should do around you at that time, and what your friends have said about it there in the past.
  7. 900 million unique visitors each month

So how to you solve Google?

With a smile Chad reminded us to keep in mind, "by the time this session is over, the rules could have changed again. We'll all do our best to keep up!"