If Your Clients Google You, Who Will They Find?

Sep 19, 2012 12:42:08 PM

JayPapasan_SocialMEdia_MegaTechnology_2012Eighty-one percent of people Google each other before a blind date, and 74 percent research items online—often remotely—before buying a product. So, how can you make sure when potential clients search for you or your brand that the right person will show up?

Have no fear! Jay Papasan, Co-Author of Soci@l and Vice President of KW Publishing says, “Social Media to the rescue.” In yesterday’s Mega Tech session, Politics, Pinterest and Personal Branding, Jay shared that by optimizing your social media websites, you can get them to rank higher in the index. Meaning? When you type your name in the search engine—despite the fact that there could be many others out there—you can control the entire first page of results. And, the best part? It can take as little as an afternoon.

Want to know how? Follow these five simple steps to maximize you social media influence for SEO, and watch the video to learn more.

5 Steps to Maximize Your Social Media for SEO

  1. Custom Profile URLs – Claim your name on every social media URL you can. Focus on including both your first and last name, and try adding a hyphen or dot between them if necessary.
  2. Full Name and Keywords – Include your first and last name and any business-specific keywords strategically throughout each of your social media profiles.
  3. Back Links – Use “do follow” backlinks in your social media profiles.
  4. Profile Photos – Think of your profile pics as your yard sign and keep them consistent across all sites.
  5. Home Base – Claim and use the breed of social media resume sites popping up, such as about.me and flavors.me as your hub.