What Can't You Solve with Leverage?

Sep 19, 2012 1:09:22 PM


“No matter how brilliant you are, when you give the job to someone who wants and has a passion for THAT job, they’re going to do it better than you. Period.” And with that, Gary Keller neatly summed up a panel of top producers that outlined how they’re achieving big success through people.

The Showing Agent Model:

Aaron Armstrong and Craig Reger’s businesses skyrocketed when they each added Showing Agents to their teams. Since the addition, their Lead Buyer Agents are able to place their sole focus on generating and closing more buyer transactions, while their Showing Assistants take on the role of finding and touring homes for their buyers.

Why does it work? Clients get a dedicated and knowledgeable associate to do the showings, appraisals, and inspections while the lead buyer agent does the negotiating.

How do you find someone great who will do the job for a smaller slice of the commission? As Gary said, “It’s not the percent, it’s the opportunity.” Find talent that sees the unlimited potential for growth that this position provides, and the immediate money won’t be an issue.

What are the keys to success with Showing Assistants?

  • The Lead Buyer Agent should always do the needs analysis and consultation with the buyer, establishing a solid understanding of the client and their expectations.
  • Scripts, scripts, scripts.
  • Introduce the Showing Agent to clients immediately, removing the feeling of a “pass-off”. Introduce them as your “Business Partner”.
  • Check in with each other regularly, ensuring things are running smoothly.

Virtual Assistants:

For Christopher Myers, it all started when his Executive Assistant became overwhelmed and needed a little support. His solution? Hire a virtual assistant to handle some of his data entry needs. Today, he employs four full-time virtual assistants (overseas and in the U.S.) and saves roughly $6,000 a month in salaries doing so.

What do the Virtual Assistants do?

  • Lead Coordinator – Handles incoming buyer leads, buyer’s agent overflow, phone overflow and data entry and client involvement.
  • Listing Coordinator – Handles data entry, marketing, coordinates with other staff (runner), communicates with the team and has no client involvement.

Where does he find his candidates? Myers has used two services to find quality candidates – MyOutDesk and UAssist.me. Each provides him with a selection of quality candidates to interview, does the initial training, ensures the candidates have proper tools and a functioning work space and manages the candidate.

Finding talent

Seth Campbell is a hardcore fan of the course. For one thing, he credits the program’s principals with helping him build a 7th Level real estate team that closed 200 transactions last year. “I’m in the talent business and just happen to be about real estate,” he says. “RSTLM™ was revolutionary as I built my real estate team. There’s really no other solution out there at any other company that can match it. The AVA is a business building consultation that every Mega Agent should be using to build their team,” he added.