What’s Next for You and kw | Technology?

Sep 19, 2012 11:39:32 AM


Thousands of associates gathered at Mega Technology Camp eagerly awaiting the final session of the day, State of Technology presented by Cary Sylvester, Keller Williams Executive Director of Technology. The past two years, September and Mega Camp have been the setting for “you heard it here first” tech news. First came eEdge, the first lead-to-close database system, announced in 2010, and then last year, eEdge Shared Access feature, that allows teams to share leads and marketing collateral. This year didn’t disappoint with two major kw | Technology announcements:

The Next Evolution as eEdge

“Technology is always evolving, growing, and improving, and eEdge is no different,” stated Cary. From its initial launch in February 2011 to Shared Access to IDX in both US and Canada to last month’s launched Action Plans Beta. This past year, eEdge has delivered over 2 million leads to KW associates. So what’s next? Visibility. Cary went on to explain that visibility means insight into individual and teams’ businesses. Some of the performance metrics featured on-stage included tracking for team members, lead sources, listings taken/closed, and gross commission income.

Making History

The biggest reaction came at the end of the evening as Cary saved the best for last and made the surprise announcement that all 78,000 associates are receiving their own mobile app. Cary said, “After benchmarking the competition, we raised the bar when we saw a few key things were missing.” Rather than a corporate-branded app, each individual agent is slated to have their own branding and contact information on their mobile app in 2013. “YOUR app, YOUR leads” was the mantra that was met with crowd enthusiasm. Below is a clip of Cary’s announcement, demonstrating lead flow and how associates will market their app:

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