Three fool-proof methods for Forging Business with Foreign Clients (Part III of III)

Nov 1, 2012 9:31:54 AM

Method # 3: Communicate Effectively Through Technology


Over the past month, we’ve been looking at how real estate agents can capture a piece of the booming international buying opportunity. The first week we looked at how to find international buyers in your own backyard, and last week we learned several strategies for adding an international spin to your Internet lead generation strategy. This week, we’re focusing on the topic of communication and technology.

From portable telephones to tablets, technology has affected how we build relationships and stay in touch with everyone from our clients to our family and friends.

Among those leveraging technology is Stephan Meyer of The Meyer Group in Miami, Fla. Moving from Paris, France, Meyer already had a captivated audience of international clients interested in Western real estate. Like Mallina Wilson of the Home4Investment Team in Bellingham, Wash., and star expert of our previous two posts, technology has played a huge role in Meyer’s business. Here are his tips for becoming the international real estate expert of choice and a bonus round of his top iPad apps to facilitate the international buying process.

Be the clear and confident conveyer of the buying process in the United States.

“There is so much people don’t know about buying real estate in the United States,” says Meyer. “I have a French language website in addition to my eEdge Website, both of which serve as a vehicle for sharing how I can help them work through the steps of buying or investing in a property.” Meyer suggests adding a page on your Website dedicated to debunking some common questions and myths. He also suggests having a currency calculator.

Don’t be afraid to send regular communication in English.

StephanMeyer2“When I first set up my 33 Touch in eEdge, I was worried that the message wouldn’t resonate,” says Meyer. Overtime, however, he found he was wrong. “I found that my contacts feel privileged to receive it and they will share it with their friends, and family because you are the only person sending them an English touch about real estate in the U.S.” Talk about one-to-many marketing!


Video is your best friend.

Unlike local buyers, international clients can’t hop in the car and tour homes in person. This is where video has power. “Once you’ve secured someone as a client, you want to shift the conversation to video conference as soon as possible,” says Meyer. He prefers Skype on his iPad. “An eye-to-eye meeting is as good as or better than a face-to-face one, and it lets your clients know you are serious about working and communicating with them as if they lived in the states.” Meyer also turns to YouTube for virtual tours of homes, which are then sent to clients to review before they visit the United States.