Outpouring of Care and Support for our Northeastern Associates

Nov 5, 2012 10:13:53 AM


Hurricane Sandy lived up to everyone’s expectations: heavy rains, high-powered winds, a strong surge and massive flooding. Homes were water-worn if not destroyed, belongings damaged and, even today, power is still out in some parts of the affected areas.

Yet despite the storm’s surge and the wreckage that followed, much is being done to help those in need and Keller Williams associates in the area and across the country have stepped in to do what we do best. We are once again overwhelmed by the support and concern so many of you have shown for our associates affected by Hurricane Sandy.


Greater Pennsylvania Regional Director Mike McCarthy left this message on his Facebook wall last week, making others aware of the awesome support and outreach.

Keller Williams Greater PA Region -

I am sure that you have seen some of the pictures on TV of the devastation that has impacted our very own Jersey Shore. I know, for myself, when seeing some of the pictures that I remember a time when I was in that spot and now it is no longer there. Very sad.

I do have some good news: all of our associates have been accounted for and are safe.
Our Jersey Shore market center and Wildwood business center are doing well and only sustained minor damage.

The major need right now is food, water and volunteers to help in these communities. Kelley Tanzola, our team leader for the Jersey Shore, is coordinating all the volunteers.

We would love to have groups of people volunteer to go and help ASAP. Please contact Kelley and she will coordinate with you and your schedule. Her cell phone number is 609-668-8118.

We are also accepting donations to help with the costs of the food and water that Kelley is purchasing on our behalf. If you would like to make a donation, please contact either Tori Harkins at toriharkins@kw.com or Paula Hoeft at paulah@kw.com.

I am honored to be in business with such an amazing group of people and know that you will all help with the support of our KW offices and the entire community.

Mike McCarthy


McCarthy’s outreach was really just the beginning. Over the weekend, donations and volunteers poured in to help.

Valerie Vargas, team leader at the Monmouth/Ocean market center, posted this to her wall as well:

“So overwhelmed with gratitude for the outpouring of donations and support today!! The amount of donations that were collected, sorted and distributed was unbelievable! Thank you all for your contributions, time and hard work! You guys rock! There are many people in need that I am sure are grateful for your support! Many of you have not even had your own power restored, yet you were there giving all you can in spite of that! Thank you, thank you!”


Over the past two weeks, thanks to the generosity of our KW family, KW Cares has been able to provide 15 grants to those affected. That being said, we do expect a greater need to arise as our associates begin returning to their homes to assess the damage.

True to our KW culture, many of you have asked how you can help. KW Cares will be implementing the Heart to Heart program this week and will be in need of volunteers at that time. Should you wish to support it monetarily, you may send a check payable to KW Cares and in the memo line specify “Hurricane Sandy.” If you prefer to donate via credit card, please click here and complete the accompanying form. In the box labeled "This Donation Is For," please indicate “Hurricane Sandy.”