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Why Scripts Matter in Real Estate

Scripts are the tools of the real estate trade. Knowing the exact right thing to say at the exact right time is critical to your success as a sales professional. For mountain climbing, you need a rope, harness and carabiners; in real estate sales, you need scripts.

How important are they? Check out these three great videos from the Keller Williams YouTube Page to find out why.

As you can see, scripts matter! Seasoned and successful real estate agents practice them daily, keep them in sight as they make calls and attribute their success to them.

The President of MAPS Coaching, Dianna Kokoszka, suggests three tips to memorize and master scripts.

Tip 1: Stand up! When you stand up and project a positive energy, people will respond with enthusiasm. At the beginning of his career, Chris Heller, a top producing agent (and now President of KW Worldwide) used his enthusiasm to counteract his lack of experience. “Enthusiasm sells,” he says, “So I practiced it. I wrote out my scripts, I chanted my scripts and I role-played them every day with agents in the office.”

Tip 2: Read the script out loud 25 to 100 times – fast!

Tip 3: Repeat this activity every day for a week, or until you can repeat the script from memory. Heller also role-played with agents in the office. “Once I had them internalized, I didn’t have to worry about what I was going to say, so I could relax and respond with enthusiasm.”

Many agents ask “Can I tweak the scripts?” Real estate coaches have debated this question and there are two sides of thinking: the traditionalists who do not deviate and then those who are open to allow people to inject their own personality. Ultimately, it comes down to what works. A best practice is to start with the exact version of the script and build a history of success. At that point, if you inject your own personality you will be able to compare your success to ensure you are achieving your goal(s).

As Gary Keller says, “Scripts really just provide a way of being prepared. You have to ask yourself what you want and then come up with language to express your goal. Scripts that work truly express your want, need or understanding of something – in words that have proven to be economical and effective.”

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4 comments on “Why Scripts Matter in Real Estate
  1. philipwade says:

    Yes… script does matter. However, even more information would be helpful. I am looking for some more information on this.

  2. Keller Williams Realty says:

    @philipwade Thanks so much for jumping on and reading! What specific information are you looking for? There are so many ways we could cover the script conversation. Let us know and we’ll get it up! – Laura Price, Editor, KW Blog.

  3. homesnorth says:

    Really appreciate scripts. Because I’ve not used scripts in a very long time and feel I’d like to update some techniques, it would be helpful to have at least a brief written version of the scripts videoed to really practice them better. Thanks.

  4. vinbais says:

    Yes a good script can help but if few basic questions are included in that script, there are more chances that you will end up closing the deal. 4 most important questions, Why a buyer wants to buy the home? Do buyers have a home, they would like to sell first before they would buy a new one?Have buyers been approved by {brokerage name} to get the best discount on mortgage rates with the major lenders? and are they working with another agent?

    If you frame your script around these questions then there are more chances that you will head towards a positive outcome.

    Do read this blog, which explains the significance of these 4 questions to close a deal,

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