10 Most Popular KW Blog Articles of 2012

Jan 10, 2013 4:47:31 AM

Which topic was the most coveted by you in 2012? Catch up on the most popular KW Blog articles and create a plan for success in 2013!


10. How to Use Facebook to Generate Leads. Social what? We’re kidding. Real estate agents are using social networking sites to cultivate clients for life. We tapped Jen Lysak, associate with the Lakeland (Fla.) market center, to find out how she generated 90 percent of her business from the most popular of them all: Facebook.


9. Plan for the Future: Internet Lead Generation in a Seller’s Market. We know buyers begin their search online, but what about sellers? The always forward-thinking mega agent and frequent speaker at Family Reunion and Mega Tech Camp, Ben Kinney, delivered strategies to capture sellers on your website.

8. Negotiating: The Three P’s Approach. Negotiation is a skill that can be learned and perfected with experience. We pulled together some best practices for moving the buyer and seller toward a win-win agreement; it’s called the Three P’s Approach.

7. Masterminds with Gary Keller: The Top Ten “Ahas. Among the most coveted events at Family Reunion is Gary Keller’s exclusive, 100-person Agent Mastermind. With a room full of millionaire real estate agents, who wouldn’t want to know what was said?

6. Powerful Perspective on Today’s Biggest Opportunities. Clearly, Gary Keller has the goods. During his annual Vision Speech at Family Reunion, he set forth the opportunities and challenges of 2012 – and you tuned in.

5. Top 5 Best Real Estate Videos to Market Your Brand. Video is here to stay. And it’s a strategy anyone with a smartphone or some inexpensive equipment can easily do. We wanted to make it even simpler to get started so we narrowed down your list to the top five videos that top agents are using to get big results.

4. A Company on a Mission: The F1NAL Countdown. Nobody ignites an audience better than KW CEO, Mark Willis. At his Family Reunion State of the Company Address, Willis set forth the growth trajectory on the company’s push to become No. 1 in the real estate industry.


3. The Three Major Seller Lead Sources. There’s one thing all millionaire real estate agents have in common: they base the majority of their business on listings. Kick-off your lead generation strategy with these must-know seller lead sources.


2. Seven Techniques to Close Tomorrow’s Appointment. Someone once said “success is for closers.” And they’re right. In the second-most popular KW Blog post of 2012, we listed Gary Keller’s easy-to-do techniques to nail every appointment.


1. Five Apps to Buy You Time and Save You Money. Ah, time and money. How precious they are to real estate agents. Mix them with today’s app-obsessed society and you’ve got a recipe for success! Matt Fetick hit the nail on the head with this one – and we’re thankful he did!

What were your favorite topics of 2012?