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50 Lead Generation Ideas to Achieve 100 Leads a Week

Sometimes, we tend to over-complicate the lead generation portion of our business. Sure, technology and social media that have allowed us to be more creative but at the heart of it all, the simple fact is that wherever people are, there’s an opportunity to find a prospective customer. Successful real estate agents know this and are always on the look-out for a good lead – even if it’s not the most obvious place.

In KW MAPS Coaching’s BOLD Experience, students are challenged to think outside the sacred three-hour lead generation time block and make 100 contacts in a week. Those who accomplish the challenge become members of the “BOLD 100 Club” – which, today, is made up of hundreds of agents across North America.

Does making 100 contacts in seven days seem like a daunting task to undertake? It might if you aren’t armed with lead generation ideas. Thankfully, we stumbled upon 50 from a Family Reunion presentation taught by a KWU Master Faculty Instructor and team leader.

Some of these lead generation methods may already be on your radar. Some you might never have thought of. Others may sound a little silly at first.

But consider the possibilities. Ask yourself what 100 contacts could do for your business. And give it a go!

The best way to start is to choose three lead generation methods to focus on. Set goals for each, create action plans and track your results. Then find someone to hold you accountable to your goals.

Happy hunting!

1. Garage Sales

2. Car Dealers

3. Financial Advisors

4. Airlines

5. HOA Associations

6. Running Club

7. Gym/Personal Trainers

8. New Home Builder Reps

9. Building Co-owners

10. College Alumni Associations

11. Weddings

12. Move In Parties

13. City Holiday Celebrations

14. Marriage Counselors

15. CPAs

16. BNI: Business Network International

17. Mortgage Companies

18. Title Companies

19. Inspectors

20. Appraisers

21. Moving companies

22. Chamber of Commerce

23. PTAs

24. Volunteer for School Trips

25. Band

26. Choir

27. Sports/Booster Clubs

28. Teachers

29. Principals

30. Judges

31. Charities

32. HOA Associations

33. Relocation Companies

34. Country Clubs

35. Realtor Seminars

36. College Alumni Associations

37. First-time Homebuyer Seminars

38. Before-Market Preview Properties

39. Apartment Representatives

40. Places of Worship

41. Radio

42. TV

43. Back of Your Laptop

44. Stockbrokers

45. Door Knocking

46. Veteran Associations

47. Hair Salon

48. Realtor Associations

49. Singles Organizations


Which three will you choose?

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10 comments on “50 Lead Generation Ideas to Achieve 100 Leads a Week
  1. Ryan says:

    Thanks for the great input. Leads are everywhere. According to NAR 64% of American’s own a home. If you have 100 facebook friends, 64 of them will need to buy or sell a home in the next 48 or so months. The other 36 need a home!

    Make sure you are telling your audience that you are “The Home Source”

  2. kornteam says:

    Imagine if you just focus on 1 lead from 5 sources every day…or 5 leads from each source every day?? That would be 250 leads/contacts that you could talk to someone, write them a note and put them on at true 8×8 & 33 touch plan. Stay in touch with them consistently and persistently. From Gary Keller’s research, past coaching clients and personal experience…here is what that really means:

    The average person moves every 10 yrs….so, 250/10 equals 25 people moving This year…AND 25 more people moving next year, and so on for the next 10 years. Now, if all you did was add 250 contacts (actually talked to, wrote note, and put on consistent persistent drip-I cover this in the Fast Track course, ‘Make the Phone Ring Again’) each year, your 25 this year will become 50 closed transactions next year (25 from the new 250 and 25 from last years’ 250) and 75 closed transactions the 3rd year…and so on and so on.

    Watch for a short video coming from MAPS Coaching and Coach Brad Korn in the next few weeks…I share this information in more detail in a video tip about making your 33 Touch BOLD.

    Coach Korn
    Brad Korn
    The Korn Team
    Serving Your Greater Kansas City Referrals

  3. Keller Williams Realty says:


    Spot on advice! As a MAPS Coach and expert on staying in touch with contacts using 8×8’s and 33-Touches, we wouldn’t expect anything less.

    The best part about it is that anyone can do this if they take the time to set their goals and track their results.

    Awesome stuff!
    Laura Price, Editor, KW Blog.

  4. khosburgh says:

    I am taking BOLD right in Naples and to be a member of the “BOLD 100 Club” is not to get 100 leads in one week but in one DAY! If we do that then we become a member of the BOLD 100 Club and get a BOLD lapel pin. We have to get at least 100 contacts a week or we earn a foul for that week for that category. Am I mistaken on this?

  5. dkittleson says:


    Congratulations for being in BOLD!…..and the goal of becoming a member of the BOLD 100 Club. You are correct. BOLD 100 Club is 100 contacts in 1 day.

    You are also correct in the weekly conditioning homework for everyone in the BOLD Experience is 100 contacts per week or 20 per day, 5 days per week. I say it’s the weekly “conditioning” because the goal is to have everyone in BOLD condition themselves toward a lead generation mindset and then take the actions appropriate to that.

    I love the list in the blog post! What it demonstrates is there is opportunity to grow our businesses nearly everywhere!

    Thanks for sharing this!

  6. Valerie Tourangeau says:

    You are absolutely correct the BOLD 100 Club is 100 leads in a day and you have to make 100 contacts in a week voice to voice or face to face. I’m taking bold for the 4th time in the fall and have done the BOLD 100 twice. The first time I did it the hard way by making calls the second time I did it at a networking event. I got more out of doing it the hard way.

  7. darryal montique says:

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  8. Nitika Vyas says:

    Thanks for such a wonderful post it helps to target a lead. You mention everything in this post for lead generation ideas.

  9. Harris says:

    It’s amazing idea for me as newbie in real estate agent

  10. Great Post on Lead Generation Ideas! Some traditional, others not so traditional….all great reminders of ways to connect with people in our communities! We could use some more homes for sale in Atlanta, and it looks like I’m going to be the one to have to get them sellable and available to the public! When people think about looking for homes for sale in Atlanta, I think they will be very glad to start their home buying process by going to where they will find everything they are looking for about homes for sale in Atlanta and more!

    John Whittinghill
    Keller Williams Realty First Atlanta

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