Family Reunion: know before you go!

Feb 3, 2013 10:14:17 AM

Are you heading to Dallas in 12 days? Make the most of your time at the event with our 2013 Survival Guide.


We’re only 12 days away from celebrating Keller Williams Realty’s 30-Year Anniversary at Family Reunion 2013 in Dallas, Texas. With a sold-out event, this year is certain to be our best yet! Starting February 15, more than 10,000 agents from across the globe will descend upon the Dallas Convention Center for five days of education, training, networking and a little partying too.

So what should you know before you go? Here we present our 2013 Family Reunion Survival Guide. Do you have your own tips? Tweet them out with the hashtag #KWFRTips !

Know the basics. Family Reunion is a one-of-kind convention - unlike any in the real estate industry. There’s lots of people, lot’s of networking, lots of learning and even more fun to be had. While there is plenty happening at any given moment, there are a few things that, at a minimum, you should plan on attending.

The Big Sessions
Saturday, February 16
Cultural Summit
The ONE Thing with Gary Keller and Jay Papasan [For attendees who registered by Dec. 15]

Sunday, February 17
Special Speaker: J.R. Martinez
State of the Company and State of the Culture
30th Anniversary Celebration [Also commonly known as Red Bash]

Monday, February 18
Vision Speech
Denim and Diamonds Casino and Awards Night

Tuesday, February 19
Keynote Speaker: Dave Ramsey
Quantum Leap
Beyond BOLD

Wednesday, February 20
Putting The ONE Thing to Work with Gary Keller
Inspirational Brunch with Mo Anderson

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Arrive to sessions EARLY if you want to get a good seat. How early? Thirty minutes to an hour should secure you a decent spot toward the middle.

Bring business cards! The number of referrals you could receive from Family Reunion is endless - don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to put your name in the hands of agents across the globe.

Wear layers. The General Session Halls tend to be on the cooler side to accommodate the 10,000 bodies sitting in one area. Gary Keller doesn’t want you falling asleep either! What’s the weather like outside the convention center?We’ve been checking the Dallas, Texas 10-Day Weather Forecast and it looks like the sun is going to keep us warm. Nights may be a little cooler, so you might want to keep that light jacket or sweater on you.

Know your way around. Get acquainted with the Dallas Convention Center before you go so that you don’t miss making it to popular breakout sessions that fill up fast.

Breakouts WILL fill up fast. If you’ve been to Family Reunion the past two years, you know the fire marshall had to be called out a few times for rooms that were too full. Don’t take a chance on a breakout session that has a popular name attached to it (i.e. Ben Kinney’s 600 listings a year). If you aren’t there early enough, you won’t get in unless someone comes out. Check out the list of 150+ Family Reunion Breakout Sessions and use the myScheduler to build your own Family Reunion experience.

Bring snacks. Food is always available at the convention center. But if you bring your own you might avoid some longer lines during peak snacking hours.

Have a charger. Your gadgets may not make it the whole day. Have a charger handy in case you need to plug it in - or just take a minute to recharge yourself.

Enjoy the Exhibit Hall. With more than 100 vendors attending this year, you’ll want to make sure you take some time to learn about the latest innovations to power your business.

Don’t miss the 7:30 a.m. sessions. Some of the best sessions start early. Because the sessions are smaller, you’ll likely have a better chance of networking with like-minded people or even meeting the presenter.

Don’t get overwhelmed. As Chad Hyams put it on his Family Reunion Survival Guide, “The biggest challenge that many attendees have is that they get so many notes and ideas that they just don’t know where to start. Only implement a small batch of new ideas when you get back and you will have much better focus. Agents who attempt to put everything they learn into practice can end up worse off than where they started!”

Those are the basics of Family Reunion. In case you haven’t gotten your pre-Family Reunion fix, the KellerINK Editorial Team also authored a fantastic blog post to help you make the most of conventions. Check out the Four Ways to Get the Most out of Your Next Conference.

Still have questions about the big event? Visit the Family Reunion FAQ page.