The Social Media Scoop at #KWFR 2013

Feb 16, 2013 1:23:05 PM

Please join us in extending a huge congratulations and “thank you” to our Official Social Media Ambassadors for helping us bring the Family Reunion experience to the world! Only at Keller Williams Realty's Family Reunion do you find over 10,000 attendees, 200+ breakout sessions, LIVE social media coverage online AND a 16-screen installation showing all of YOUR live posts about The #ONEthing!


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Want the latest breaking hits, quips and quotes from our main event? Whether you’re at the event or following along from home, be sure and add this stellar social lineup to your list of folks to follow. Here's a helpful list linking to all of our ambassadors' Twitter handles or you can find them Facebook.

With our Family Reunion Ambassadors’ help, we’ll be able to deliver even more coverage and content from breakout sessions, with even more “aha’s,” photos and of course, all the BIG announcements! Be sure to say hi to these folks and thank them for helping us bring the Family Reunion experience to the world!

Mett Fetick - Matt Fetick is a Mega Agent in Philadelphia area, an operating principal of the Sussex Beach (Del.) market center and a KWU International Master Faculty member.

Tony Giordano - Celebrity agent, now CEO and team leader in Brentwood Los Angeles, Tony is a national speaker and now author of the new book, the social agent, which is taking the industry by storm.

Chuck Roberts – Chuck is the regional director for the Gulf States region, helping agents, businesses, charities and churches learn how to change lives through leverage and systems and every day.

Laurie Davis - Laurie is a licensed N.C. real estate agent, owner of Live Love Pinehurst and partner in Love Love Charlotte. She is President Elect in 2013 for the Pinehurst/Southern Pines Area Association Of Realtors (PSPAAR). And, of course, one of The Geeky Girls.

Beth Torrence - Beth is a Maps Technology Coach, KWU International Master Faculty Instructor, and The Regional Resources Director for the Southeast Region. She works with agents and market center leadership on their eEdge database, social media strategies and connects our associates with the vast resources of Keller Williams Realty.

Rowena Patton – Rowena manages the #1 team in the Asheville area, Patton Property Group at Keller Williams Realty. She has over 20 years' experience in buying and selling real estate in the United Kingdom and in the Unite States in Washington D.C., Calif., Fla. and N.C. She hosts the ‘Plain English Real Estate Show” weekly to provide the ‘inside scoop’ to buyers and sellers of real estate.

Julie Costa - Julie, a team leader with Keller Williams Realty for seven years, has launched two offices, one in Newport Rhode Island and is currently launching a market center in Morristown, N.J. Julie serves on the KW Cares Board of Directors and was the 2011 recipient of the Mo Anderson CEO Award of Excellence.

Kevin Kauffman - Kevin Kauffman is the co-owner of Group 46:10 at Keller Williams Arizona Realty in Tempe, Ariz. Group 46:10 did almost 1 million dollars in GCI in 2012 and Kevin believes much of his team success is due to events like KWFR. Engage with Kevin on Facebook and/or Twitter for his biggest take-aways from #KWFR 2013.

Fred Weaver - Fred Weaver is the co-owner of Group 46:10 at Keller Williams Arizona Realty in Tempe, Ariz. Fred is attending his 5th Family Reunion event this year and is excited to provide coverage from a mega agent's perspective on all the exciting events and nuggets of wisdom at #KWFR.

Ben Kinney - Ben is a Mega Agent, KW Cares philanthropist, Keller Williams operating principal, fishing master and all around nice guy.

Aaron Kaufman - Aaron Kaufman is a KW Growth Coach, whose innovative online recruiting system has been responsible for sponsoring over 1,000+ agents to KWRI since 2005. His passion is attracting quality talent to KWRI and inspiring other KW associates to do the same. #TheKWEffect is his profit share class that he presently teaches across the company.

Chad Hyams - A key trailblazer in real estate tech instruction, Chad's history in the field of real estate is interwoven with change, growth and experience. As a technology coach for KW MAPS Coaching, he has built a science of communicating overwhelming topics in a simple understandable way and educating a field of ready willing and able agents on social media and internet marketing strategy.

Heidi Fore - Heidi's team, the River Valley Group, sold 88 houses last year in Kentucky and Indiana. Heidi is a Realtor Magazine "30 Under 30" and NAR trainer and author of the book "How To Buy A Home In Louisville Kentucky". Heidi loves being a mom, rollerskating and jamming to 1980s big hair rock bands in her minivan.

Wendy Papasan - Wendy has worked crowd control at Walt Disney World; sailed the UK on a 16th-century galleon; climbed the pyramids in Cairo & cooked shark for a crowd. Currently, Wendy is the CEO of a team of Realtors at Keller Williams, a KW franchise owner and wife and mom in Austin, TX.

Liz Landry - Liz is an agent in Jacksonville, Fla. as well as a KW MAPS Coaching one-on-one coach and a BOLD Technology coach. In unrelated information she loves dogs, funky socks and sarcasm.

Bo Menkiti - Bo is the creative force behind Keller Williams Capital Properties, which today is the fastest growing residential real estate brokerage in the Washington DC Metro Area. Bo started in real estate in 2003 with Coldwell Banker where he created the Menkiti Group which today is one of the top Keller Williams real estate teams in the United States.

Paul Morris - Paul is KW’s regional director for Central & Southern Calif., Westside LA, and Los Angeles Coastal Regions. He also is the operating principal of KW Beverly Hills, and a KW multiple office owner, whose ownership group is among Real Trends top 50 brokerages in the United States. He is a KW Master Faculty member teaching Recruit Select, business planning, and wealth building.

Lisa Archer -Lisa is a Charlotte, N.C.-based Keller Williams Realty CEO of Live Love Charlotte, broker and agent, and the peppy half of the real estate tech duo The Geeky Girls. She’s become a fixture in the national real estate community and a frequent speaker at national real estate conferences.