The Speech Patterns that Produce Positive Outcomes

Feb 17, 2013 8:32:38 AM

No one knows scripts like Dianna Kokoszka.

Aptly named “The Queen of Scripts” by her most loyal followers, she never misses a beat. In fact, her scripts are essentially a series of songs with lyrics that anyone can learn. And they have a rhythm most want to hum. But instead of singing along for fun, these words form a language that can turn a profit.

Language of SAles Dianna Kokoszka

Kokoszka calls it the “Language of Sales.” And she spent the morning teaching Family Reunion attendees how to use it in their businesses.

When practiced at its most proficient level, the language of sales is actually a highly exact science that understands how both the conscious and subconscious mind processes and responds to speech patterns.

Among the many concepts that were covered during today’s breakout session was verbal pacing and leading.

“A ‘pace’ is anything you can say that your client will agree with,” Kokoszka explains. “It’s a fact, repeated back to a client that their conscious mind knows to be true. It’s a variation on a ‘tie-down’ statement, which is a question concerning a matter with which the client is nearly certain to agree.

“A ‘lead,’ on the other hand, is a point that you are seeking agreement on,” Kokoszka says.

With the above explanations in mind, Kokoszka presented the following communications technique which works because it gets the client accustomed to saying “yes.”

Step 1: Pace, pace, pace, then lead

Step 2: Pace, pace, then lead, tie-down

Step 3: Pace then lead

Step 4: Lead and close.

Here’s an example of the Language of Sales in action: The Listing presentation

- Mr. and Mrs. Seller, thank you for inviting me to your home. (pace)

- It is an important decision that you are about to make (pace) to list your home with me. (embedded command)
- You are moving to Chicago after the first of the year. (pace)

- And you need to get your home sold quickly. (lead).

- You have your new job in place. (pace)

- And you are starting your new job in 60 days. (pace)

- So it’s important to price your home right (embedded command) so that it will sell quickly. (lead)

- Don’t you agree? (tie down)

- Your employer wants you to start in 60 days. (pace)

- And to make sure that you can move together as a family, we need to get it sold in 30 days. (lead)

- So let’s price it right tonight. (close)

While the language of sales is a highly studied approach to directing the outcome of a conversation, Kokoszka emphasizes that it is not a technique to manipulate clients. “It is only valid if you are being authentic, if you have asked key questions and have found out as much as you can about your client’s needs so that you can come from a place of contribution.”

The Language of Sales is a group coaching program offered through KW MAPS Coaching. You can learn more about the Language of Sales Coaching Program on the KW MAPS Coaching website.