How to Market like a Mega: Top Takeaways

Feb 18, 2013 10:22:35 AM

Mega agents from across the country were out and in full-sharing force during day three of Family Reunion. The KW Blog Team stopped by a packed house at the "Mega Agent Marketing" breakout session. Featuring Nick Shivers, Jan Richey, Mike Clarke with Mark Spain as moderator, agents learned how to make the most of their marketing dollar to get maximum results.


Spain: Market listings; with listings you get leverage. This is how you gain control of your business. If a buyer wants to see a house at 5:30 p.m. on a Sunday but you’re in church, there’s a chance you will lose that buyer to someone who’s free. However if you have the listings, you have the control. Market listings.

Shivers: There is no special potion in marketing. You just have to figure out - as Gary would say - the ONE thing in marketing that works for you and then stick with it.

Richey: Your marketing doesn’t have to be overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be super expensive, and please don’t try to do them all. Years ago, I started out with just door hangers. The key is to figure out the ONE thing that works for you and then if that’s going well, add another, and so on.

Clarke: Study your target audience. Know exactly how many homes are selling in the neighborhood. Find WHO is buying and selling there. What’s the turnover rate? You should be tracking that. And get a kW MAPS Coach – with accountability at that level you'll become excellent at tracking EVERYTHING.

Shivers: You’ve got to focus less on where you are now, and plan for where you want it to be 10, 15, 20 years down the road. Market towards that goal.

Richey: If you haven’t got it already, read The Millionaire Real Estate Agent - that’s the red book – Gary Keller has laid out all the models and systems in there for you!

Clarke: I’m not that good at marketing. I simply hired great marketing people.

Richey: Just make sure your materials are consistent. We put “The Jan Richey Team” on EVERYTHING. It’s in the same colors, the same fonts, etc. Having that consistency is key.

Clarke: When you are marketing at the levels we’re talking about here, you are going to make mistakes. You’re going to be criticized. You are going to look bad at times. You just have to get over it. Break through that and use it to your advantage. Allow it to motivate you.