14 Signs You Need a Team

Apr 8, 2013 5:19:15 AM

In the beginning of your real estate career, you looked to your sphere of influence to generate leads. It was slow-to-go until, finally, you landed that first listing. You nailed it (under the guidance of a seasoned veteran) and earned more business as a result of your consistent lead generation. Success!


But as you accumulated new clients, something happened. Suddenly you’re drowning in paperwork and dipping out on your lead generation time. You’re now not only a lead generator; you’re the listing agent, bookkeeper, runner, call coordinator and marketer. You feel like you don’t have enough arms, legs or energy to do everything all the time.

That, according to The Millionaire Real Estate Agent, is when you need a team. Here are 14 more signs that leverage is in your future.

1. “I’m doing fine on my own.”

2. “I can’t afford a team.”

3. “My clients expect ME!”

4. “It will take too much time.”

5. “I don’t have time to train anyone.”

6. “It’s too risky.”

7. “I like doing administrative work.”

8. “I only want to do what I can personally handle.”

9. “I like being in control.”

10. “I don’t think I can take a break or a vacation.”

11. “I don’t want to earn more than what one person can handle.”

12. “I know I’d have more business if I could JUST hire someone!”

13. “I find myself doing a $10/hour job when I should be lead generating!”

14. “I know I’m missing out on business because I fail to follow up.”

Doesn’t it sound crazy when you see it written out like that?

The lesson is this: Don’t fool yourself into thinking you like spending half your day on $10/hour administrative work. Don’t believe in the myth that you can’t take a break or a vacation. And certainly don’t allow yourself to think that your income is limited to what one person can handle!

Have you ever heard a mega agent say “I wish I was making less money!” Absolutely not. Don’t allow your limiting beliefs to limit your potential!

When you hire a team, you allow yourself to move into mastery by focusing on talent and on breaking through your own ceiling of achievement. You not only enhance your customer service, you allow yourself to provide it to more people. As for control, letting go is certainly hard to do, but with a little practice and a lot of talent, you’ll never want to go back.

Your business is one worth owning, and living out that philosophy means you have to believe your business is worth growing!

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